4 Helpful online resources for health information

The internet makes finding the information we need easier than ever before. It used to be that you would have to go to the library and look up information in encyclopedias or call various resources for answers to simple questions. With information available at your fingertips, the ability to access information in a matter of seconds, is a great privilege. This article will focus on some great resources to keep bookmarked in case you are in need of health related information fast.

  • WebMD. No matter what is plaguing you or causing you pain, you will likely find exactly what you are looking for on WebMD. There are detailed articles offered that outline symptoms, when to seek medical assistance, prescription information, and so much more. In fact, they boast that they are one of the most trusted resources for health information on the web. Use WebMD today to check symptoms, locate a doctor, or learn more about your prescription medications.
  • http://gethealthylab.com. From questions about hemorrhoids to noticing the early signs of lung cancer, this website is a fantastic resource for health related topics that are obscure and mainstream. If you are curious about anything related to health, fitness, nutrition, or overall wellness, this site is a great one to bookmark so that you can easily access it at anytime.
  • Mayo Clinic. Ranked number one in the US for being the best hospital, offering more specialty care than any other hospital in the nation, the Mayo Clinic website is outstanding as well as their services. If you are a researcher, physician, or potential patient, you can find a plethora of health related information on their website. A great feature of their website is that you can make an appointment with a physician or specialist right on the website. It is quick, convenient, and user-friendly which makes approaching health topics less intimidating. If you are a current client of the Mayo Clinic, the website allows you to get answers to financial questions or pay your bill. There are many great resources on this site which is why you should keep it bookmarked for easy access.
  • Healthywomen.org Rated as one of the best websites by Oprah, healthywomen.org is a great place to go for information on anything related to women’s health. Some of the most popular posts include helpful tips on reproductive health and even offers fact sheets on diabetes and aging. Another reason that this website is highly rated is because there are health related stories that are posted on the site. You can connect with others and gain support for whatever ailment you are managing at the moment.

No matter what your reasonings are for wanting helpful information regarding health related topics, the websites mentioned above are all wonderful options. Keep them bookmarked on your internet browser so that it is easy to access when you are in a time of need or want to look up a symptom.