4 Reasons That Taking Care of Your Oral Health Should Be a Top Priority

Knowing the status of your oral health is not just about having a nice smile. More than showing the pearly whites and boosting confidence with fresh breath, oral health plays a vital role in the general health of a person.

Oral health affects almost all our organs. Thus, if it is treated poorly, it can cause a major health risk to the body.

Here are four reasons why we should focus more on our oral health before it becomes too late.

  1. Infection in the mouth

Regular brushing of teeth and using mouthwash every day is a must for every person. However, if this is neglected, infections in the gum area may occur and can lead to tooth loss, tooth decay, bad breath, gingivitis, and other gum diseases.

  1. Heart diseases

Reports show that oral health is directly connected with the health. Infected gums can cause heart diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Base from the fact given by the Canadian Academy of Periodontology, the bacterial exposure from gum disease can lead to cardiovascular diseases as the bacteria may reach the valves and damage the heart tissue.

  1. Diabetes risk

Diabetes is a metabolic disease but it can be linked to a patient’s gum disease problem. When a person has diabetes, the blood glucose levels remain at a high rate. An angle being examined in this is when he has periodontal diseases, a disease that affects the structures of the teeth, tissues, and ligament. This tends to increase insulin resistance.  A study was also released that in five people with diabetes, one loses all his teeth due to the disease.

  1. Digestion woes

The process of digesting the food starts with the saliva in the mouth. When teeth and gums are healthy, food will be chewed and break down properly. If oral health is being neglected, maligned tooth, swollen gums, and other bacterial infection, the food digested might cause risk in the intestines. Bowel syndrome can also occur.

Aside from these, oral health is also linked with oral cancer, kidney disease, pancreatic disease, pregnancy, and leukemia.

In order to have a good oral health, start from brushing the teeth thrice a day. Flossing and using mouthwash is also recommended.

Avoid smoking cigarettes and tobacco and food that can hurt your teeth. These food include soda, chips, dried fruits, sour candies, and alcohol beverages.

If you are experiencing oral pain, do not medicate on your own. Before using any medication, seek a professional help. You need to seek the advice from the best dentist in your town for you to know their recommended toothpaste and gum infection medicines.