Taking Care Of Your Gutters

The gutters of a home play a vital role, and they are crucial for the structure of a home’s roof. The main purpose of gutters is to manage the water flow of the roof by making sure the water flows in the opposite direct from the home. When the water is permitted to stay on the roof and thump the side of the house, it can cause tremendous damage. It is imperative that gutters are maintained and cleaned on a recurring basis to avoid clogs. Gutters should be looked over at least once prior to each season.


Inspecting The Roof And Gutters

Gutters should be consistently examined to make certain that they are draining properly. When gutters hold water, the risks of harboring debris, insects, and other objects increases. The weight of stagnant water can also cause gutters to pull away from the fascia.

When inspecting gutters, it is important to examine the slope of the gutters by placing a garden hose at the opposing end of the downspout. Turn the water on and check carefully how it drains. The water should flow effortlessly down the gutter and exit the downspout. While inspecting the gutters, it is an ideal time to inspect the roof as well for any wreckage, vulnerable sports, and broken shingles.


What About Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards are advertised as a means of helping gutters resist clogging from leaves, as well as water and debris – thus saving the homeowner from what could be a dangerous household task. Cleaning gutters is not easy!


The 5 main types of gutter protection include:

  • Mesh: This type of guard is composed of metal sheets filled with minute holes affixed to the roof shingles and covers the gutter.

  • Reverse Curve: This gutter guard moves the water downward while directing the leaves to the ground.

  • Bottle Brush: These gutter guards are manufactured from bristles that face perpendicular within the gutter. The debris sits on top as the water floats away.

  • Nylon: Nylon gutter protectors work quite well during winter because of their distinct design, which stops snow from accumulating and freezing.

  • Foam Gutter Protection: These are produced from plastic that fit right into the gutter, and assists with preventing debris from going into the gutter.

Note: Homeowners working on the curb appeal of their home should consider painting their gutters. This task does much more than increase the appeal of a home, when done correctly, painting gutters can also help improve the lifespan of the gutters as well.