The top 4 promotional products to take to your next trade show

Trade Shows

Joining trade shows and exhibits is a great opportunity for owners of small companies to increase the exposure of their brand to the consumers and to potential business partners as well. While these events are organized for entrepreneurs to market their businesses and, of course, to exchange ideas with other people, it cannot be helped that some people still get anxious during the preparation stage. Aside from setting up the essential equipment and supplies, planning on smart booth designs, dressing up to appear more presentable, and rehearsing your lines, it is also necessary for you to invest on promotional items and freebies for the trade show.

Contrary to popular belief, having giveaways during a trade show is not an outdated practice yet – at least for now. The problem with other companies is that they tend to give promotional items which have become less and less remarkable through time. These giveaways include pens, notepads, mugs, and fans. Since they are already considered as common freebies, they tend to lose their ability to promote your brand effectively.

To help your company stand out at the next trade show, here are the top four promotional items that you should have. Consider them as giveaways, and you can surely attract potential clients, increase customer retention, and impress other business owners in the trade show.


  1. Sports Water Bottles

Sports water bottles are great promotional items whether or not you are marketing a sports-related brand or a beverage company. These liquid containers can help keep trade show participants hydrated throughout the event. You can also set-up a refreshments station and provide free water or iced tea if you want to attract more people to drop by your booth.


  1. Keystand

A keystand is an upgrade version of the usual keychain giveaway. It combines a key ring and a mobile device stand in one. It can be used to view videos on smartphones and tablets with greater convenience. You can have your company logo printed on one side and the slogan on the other to ensure better brand retention to the consumers.


  1. Calendars and Planners

Believe it or not, calendars are still considered as effective trade show giveaways until now. Wallet-sized ones may not be an ideal option as large hang-type calendars are easier to read and use inside homes and business establishments. You can also upgrade them to handy planners for a more professional look.


  1. USB Charger

If you have a bigger budget, then you can have power banks and USB chargers for mobile devices as giveaway items. You may choose wide-sized plugs which offer more space for your company logo to be printed. You can choose from a variety of types including wall adaptors, car chargers, and cable sets for less than $5 each.

For your next trade show event, iPromo can help you conceptualize and produce high-quality and well-designed promotional items without breaking the bank. With their almost two-decade experience in the industry, iPromo has helped more than 40,000 customers globally to increase their marketing potential. Never settle for less and trust only the one with a proven track record. Visit iPromo now, check their full range of promotional products and get that defining edge on your next trade show.

The top 5 things to look for in a service agreement when hiring professional IT Services

When purchasing any product or hiring a certain service, a Service Agreement is important to clearly understand the limitations and restrictions of a certain service. If you are a business looking to hire a professional IT services for your company, you should be aware of the specific IT solutions that they can offer for your business, and what they will give in return if those terms are not met during the agreement.

Here are the top five things you need to look for in a service agreement when hiring professional IT services.

  1. Provides fast and efficient customer support.

If any issues or problems arise on the customer’s’ side, it is important that they can easily reach Customer Support as soon as possible. Determine the parameters stated by the IT service providers. For instance, if they state in their service agreement that their customer support can be reached by customers in less than 30 minutes, but unable to deliver this, know beforehand what their promises are or if they will pay for the lost hours. The best IT services in Bristol provide great customer service and can be easily reached by calling.

  1. Provides remote and onsite support.

Certain circumstances such as intermittent or total disruption of service require an immediate response from an IT professional. Know if they provide immediate remote support and if in any case the server shuts down, know the time frame they promise for onsite support. There are critical agreements that you should look for prior to hiring an IT service provider.

  1. Determine if they provide product warranties.

Most service providers provide a warranty on the products they sell, and like many others, there is a specific time frame on when it usually begins and expires. This is one of the most important things to look for in a service agreement prior to hiring a professional IT service provider. Determine the type of coverage they provide on their warranty and if they provide replacement on the hardware and other tools you have used during the agreement.

  1. Know the payment terms.

Like all other business, a proper payment term is necessary so that both parties will properly be compensated for the services rendered. There should be a clear communication on how a payment is expected and other conditions such as the preferred payment method, terms for early payments, and the repercussions for late payments.

  1. Determine their performance consistency.

Network speed and availability is what usually what you need in your business among others. You may be running a lot of applications for your business, and while they do not require high performance all the time, there should be a consistency of the performance for smooth operation in your business. Look out in your service agreement on how the IT service provider supplies their performance in case emergency arise. These are inevitable scenarios and know their commitment beforehand. This should be one of the major deciding factors when choosing professional IT services.

3 Ways renting a translation headset can help your company

Translation headsets

It is hard to run a business well if you do not have proper communication procedures set in stone for your company. Communication is imperative to being successful as it is a key factor in making your business run. Many companies are choosing to save money by outsourcing their logistics or customer service offerings to overseas entities. This can save a great deal of money but can decrease overall customer satisfaction as many complain that the level of service has dropped off. One of the main reasons for this is that customer service agents may have a thick accent, may not speak english, or perhaps they do not understand what the caller is trying to convey. This article will provide some information on how renting translation headsets for employees can help your company.


  • Cultural accuracy. Those who are certified in translation services will also be aware of cultural differences that may also come up when handling matters pertaining to your company. Renting a translation headset can help the reliable and reputable employees that you currently have on staff, understand what a potential client is asking for. In addition, they will be able to put into place certain cultural significant points that an employee without such tools and resources would be able to handle.



  • Consistent communication. As with any business model, communication is imperative to being successful. Consistency in your communication strategy with employees, clients, and potential clients is important and must be followed stringently. When there is miscommunication, this can lead to misunderstandings or worse, mistakes that are hard to overcome. If you outsource your logistics or customer service agents to other areas of hte world, it is important that you are able to communicate with them. A translation headset can help you accomplish this goal with limited effort on your part.



  • Quality information. When conducting business, it is important that you provide your clients and potential clients with quality information. It is bad business to provide information that is not factual and can cause confusion. If your clients speak a different language, it is important that you not only attempt to learn the language but also the culture. This will help you in being relatable to the client and will allow you to better understand your needs. While you are in the process of learning a new language and culture, a translation headset can help you get by. In many instances, you will be able to provide quality, reliable information with the use of a translation headset.


Whether you are outsourcing aspects of your company, communicating with key stakeholders, or relaying information to interested parties, a translation headset can help you a great deal when speaking with those who are not native to your language. Communication is imperative to running a successful business so investing in tools to help you be successful is a good business practice.

Get The Details Of Text Sms Spy Software


We are here in 21st century which is loaded with advances and incredible programming programs. On the off chance that we are disturbing from any issue then web will help us. It has answers to each and every inquiry. Henceforth, individuals take help of internet. Do you think about the content sms spy? I know it is a stunning explanation, yet this is a reality.

Here, you can see heaps of content sms spy programming that will help you to screen somebody’s telephone. There are bunches of spyware accessible on the online store that has an assortment of capacities. In any case, few of them found out about the content sms spy/observing.

As we probably are aware, youngsters are effectively pulled in towards the cell phones and different applications. Informing are the normal approach to speak with each other. In educational time, kids need to talk their companions and examine homework and different things. They are dependent towards the advancements. Truth be told, seniors are as of now dependent towards their phones. Correspondingly, their compulsion is effortlessly justifiable.


Watch out for texts without having the phone

Spy applications are winding up obviously more celebrated and more meddlesome than some other time in late memory. Most “standard” spy applications that are used on cell phones can be easily recognized by any person who knows a little about PDAs. However, more present and all the more successful applications are by and by progressing into the market named as “Utility Apps”.

A current report expresses that “I endeavored a few “standard” spy applications to watch out for compositions yet they didn’t work. In the wake of finishing more research, I found a few solutions concerning utility applications for text spying so I gave an endeavor. I was amazed at how much information was expelled from the phone!”

Utility applications offer some incredible arrangement more extraordinary parts since they can go assist into the record structure of a wireless. Much like Norton Utilities is used to perform significant yields on PCs, these applications would now have the capacity to play out a relative limit with respect to cell phones and tablets. They can remove texts, calls and practically all of data that is on a cell phone or that has been deleted from the phone.


How does it work?

Working of this application is extremely direct. Present it in your phone and consolidate it with target phone. To coordinate it, make a call to the goal phone. Some sporadic number will show up on the screen (these staggering programming surrenders add to the mystery). Mixing is done paying little respect to the likelihood that the goal does not answer the call. As I might want to think, it is the most dynamic cell phone perception programming open till date.

This direct programming may appear to be sheltered immediately however once coordinated it can uncover the most significant favored bits of knowledge of the goal’s phone. Here is the summary of extraordinary exercises, this item can access to:

  • Live Voice calls
  • Read texts
  • Read Facebook, twitter skype, Viber, BBM and Whatsapp messages
  • Email logging
  • GPS following
  • SMS Logging (Incoming/dynamic)
  • Call History (Incoming/dynamic)
  • Call traverse (Incoming/Outgoing)
  • Contact list
  • Sim changing notification
  • Condition tuning in (It goes about as a troubling contraption)
  • Pursuit and download history
  • 100% vague
  • Good with all variations of iPhones, Blackberry, Androids, and windows.

These points will effectively describe the text SMS spy features. If you have any query related to the spyware applications, search on the web. I will assure you will get good answers quickly that solve all the queries.

5 Tips On Finding The Best Office Space To Rent For Your Business


So, it appears that your startup has begun to pick up the pace and bring in profits. Therefore, there seems to be a need to upgrade your office space. Identifying the ideal office space rental that fits your budget can be an exciting task; however, it can be stressful as well. Fortunately, you need not lose your sleep worrying about finding the best office space as we have you covered in that department. Here are 5 tips on finding the best office space to rent for your business.


Tip 1: Identify the amount of space your business requires

The general rule of thumb implies that you should look for a space of at least 1,000 square feet for every five to seven employees. Following this general rule should ensure the comfortability and convenience of your employees. However, when looking for spaces, it is also necessary to keep a keen eye on the layout of the rental.


Tip 2: Know if the landlord pays for ADA accommodations

The Americans with Disabilities Act states that an office space that accommodates more than 15 people must be accessible for disabled people. Hence, before you agree to rent a particular commercial space, it is important for you to know if the landlord is willing to pay for the modifications and upgrades required to comply with the regulations. The regulations may require you to widen the hall or install an elevator that the disabled can use. Such modifications can be heavy on your wallet.


Tip 3: Lease office equipment and furniture to cut down costs

You should understand that there are more expenses to office rentals that just making monthly rent payments. For instance, you will need to spend on numerous utilities, equipment, and furniture too. If you are working with a limited budget, it is a great idea to lease office equipment and furniture to cut down costs.


Tip 4: Look after your employees

If you run a small business and employ only a handful of people, you should be considerate of your employees and rent an office space that isn´t far from where they live. Hence, it is important to seek for an office space that is located centrally to where all of your employees reside. If the office is easy to reach, it will be a lot easier for you to retain the talent.


Tip 5: Run away from multi-year lease contracts

You should run away from multi-year lease contracts. Why should you do that? Well, it is because your business may not succeed and meet expected targets in the future, which can result in heavy losses. In fact, there may be a need for you to downsize or completely shut up shop. On such occasions, you will be forced to pay for commercial space that you will not be able to afford. Or, your business could simply increase tenfold and require additional space. Hence, it is of paramount importance for the lease contract to be flexible.  

5 Tips to selecting a reputable cleaning service

Want to keep a pristine home but you keep finding yourself without the time to do so? The thing with keeping our homes clean is that is a never ending chore. At the beginning, you may have found yourself enjoying it but if you’ve found yourself overwhelmed with all the dusting, mopping, vacuuming and changing of bed linens, it might be a good idea to hire a cleaning service.

For some, the idea of strangers coming into their homes might seem like an invasion of privacy. That’s why it is important that you get a cleaning service that you completely trust. You have several options for the type of service you want.

You can hire an individual to do the work for you, which would be a good idea if you are really uncomfortable with having your house filled with people you do not know. On the other hand, if you’re only relying on one person to do the work for you, there may be times when that person might cancel on you. For larger companies, it is highly possible that you will not get a cancellation.

To help you with you choosing the cleaning service that is right for you, check out the tips below.


  1. Canvass several companies before you make a choice – don’t just get the first company you see. It is smart to see what your options are. Compare all the services they offer, what their schedules of cleaning are. It would also be a good idea to know the background of the company. Find out how long they have been in business, how many people are in the company, to get an idea of what the company is like.
  2. Ask for recommendations from people you know – try to get recommendations from people you trust so that you won’t have any qualms about letting strangers into your home. Find out from friends or family about the cleaning services they got and what companies they can recommend to you.
  3. Ask about the products they use – if you are very particular about the products being used in your home, don’t forget to inquire with the companies on who their suppliers are. This way you’ll know exactly what is going to be used in your home. This is important as you might have allergies to some of the chemicals so you need to make sure that you are safe.
  4. Clarify the price quoted to you – for most companies, their prices would depend on the type of structure they would have to clean. Do you live in a bungalow? A two-story house, or perhaps a condominium unit? Clarify what the final price is. For some, they can even send representatives to check out your house and give you a more accurate quotation.
  5. Ask if they provide insurance – this is important as there might be an untoward incident that may result in damage to your property. Read through the contract and ensure that they will provide insurance for times such as this.


For those who live in the Vancouver area, go here for cleaning services in Vancouver. Your busy schedule should not mean a dirty house so call their services now and enjoy a beautiful, clean home any day of the week.  


4 Tips to unlocking any phone

People who have bought locked phones always ask the same question sooner or later – how does one go about unlocking their phone? Locked phones will never work if you use the sim card of another carrier, which can be a drag for people who want to change carriers to one with lower rates. By unlocking your phone, you will be able to use any kind of cellular carrier and be free from corporate bondage. However, in the past, unlocking a locked phone is illegal but today, thanks to the Congress and FCC, unlocking a phone is now legal. That is why a lot of people with locked phones are unlocking them to free them from exaggerated and hidden fees.

Unlocking any phone is not easy. It may take you some time and a few phone calls but it will be worth it in the end. If you are planning to get your phone unlocked then follow our simple tips to guide you and avoid any unexpected damages on your phone.


  1. Go to your carrier

Most smartphones today will require you to visit the carrier if you want it unlocked. It is for the carrier’s benefit so that you cannot avoid your unpaid fees. If you are already paid, then unlocking your phone is free but if you still have some balances left then you have to pay them and you might also pay some termination fees as well. Be guided with their unlocking charges if you haven’t paid for your phone to avoid overpricing. Your carrier can also provide you some information that you need if you are planning to get your phone unlocked with some dedicated technicians.


  1. Prepare the necessary information

Before you can unlock your phone there are some details that you need which many people always forget which causes a delay in the process. Those are the IMEI on your phone, the account number from your carrier and the finished contract or the device payment plan. This is important so that you can prove to your carrier that you have already finished your contract with them and have no balances left. Write down your IMEI number because it is an important detail when you want your phone to be unlocked.


  1. Find a third party

If the carrier won’t allow you to unlock your phone then you can look for a dedicated unlocker. There are a lot of independent unlockers you can find either on the internet or in any cellular phone repair shops. You can ask cell phone repair shops if they can unlock your phone but you have to pay a higher price compared to the carrier’s price. The best part of this is that, if they can’t unlock your phone, then you don’t have to pay. You should be careful to these third party unlockers especially if they are shady because they might take advantage of you and steal some of your information. Check the shop’s legitimacy to avoid fraud.


  1. Consult the Internet

If all else fails then you can consult the internet. There is much information on the internet when it comes to unlocking your phone. You might find tutorials very useful but most of them cannot really help you. You should look for websites that give unlocking services for smartphones. If you have found one, before you contact them, check their reputation and legitimacy as well. By doing this, you can be assured that the fee you are going to pay will not be wasted.

For more tips in getting your phone unlocked now then visit Why the Lucky Stiff, a blog full of informative and easy to follow steps on how to get the job done.

3 Ways that modern day structures are still influenced by the Romans

Roman Building

The Romans were artistic and innovative people. Their civilization flourished so much that their influence can still be felt now. Their contribution to society is so vast that some high school and college courses dedicate a lot of time to educating students about what the Roman’s have done for modern society.

Being one of the largest and most influential empires the world has ever seen, Romans have left behind a legacy that can still be felt in government, law, engineering, religion, language, and architecture. The concept of modern-day government is divided into three branches of judicial, legislative and senate is similar to the Roman Republic. Roman numerals are still being used today, and there are even terms in the fields of medicine, science, and law.

Even modern-day architecture still sees the influence of the Romans. Know more about long-lasting effects below.

  1. The Romans made the use of concrete of popular – everyone knows that most modern-day buildings are made from concrete, but some of these buildings do not last for decades. In ancient times, the Romans made the use of concrete popular instead of marble. While modern-day concrete is strong and durable, the recipe used is different from what the Romans used before. The Roman concrete, made from lime mortar, water, and other materials is strong enough to withstand thousands of years, as evidenced by the ancient Roman structures we can see today.
  2. The use of columns became widespread – in ancient Rome, the use of columns became very popular. Though columns were used for support, the Romans made it so that it was also beautifully styled that it was seen as a decorative enhancement and more than just an ordinary beam. With the use of chisels, hammers and other tools, the Romans carved designs on the columns. Some of the modern buildings that make use of columns are the White House, the Federal Hall in New York City and the Smithsonian.
  3. They introduced bridges – with the use of arches, the Romans were able to introduce a new way of traveling between cities. It was during their time that bridges were introduced, making it safer to travel from one place to another without having to cross bodies of water. What used to be impassable can now be used for traveling. And the use of arches is not just for bridges, one of the most popular tourist spots in Paris, the Arc de Triomphe, is greatly influenced by the Romans. The Romans actually used them to carve the important events that happened during that time.

Whenever Romans would conquer the city, they would also create an aqueduct to supply water to all the citizens of the place. Aside from that, the Romans invented a very complicated yet useful road system. They found a way to connect all the cities to each other, and all of the roads led to Rome, the capital.

The influence of the Romans does not end there, and the architects and civil engineers of today continue to study them to get inspiration and ideas.

4 Tips To Finding A Great Cleaning Company Near You


You must ensure that your home or office—a place where you spend most of your time, is kept clean at all times. If it is a business that you are running, you must know that a dirty office tarnishes the reputation and goodwill of your company. And, if your home is messy and dirty, the environment will affect your health and well-being. If you are looking for tips to find a great cleaning company near you, you have come to the right place. Here are 4 tips on how to find great cleaners near you!

Tip 1: Referrals

It is always a good idea to ask your friends, family, and relatives for referrals and recommendations. They will provide you with unbiased reviews of the services provided by the cleaning companies they have hired before. However, even if someone recommends a particular cleaning company to you, you mustn’t hire them blindly. You must do your own research and check to see if the shortlisted company provides the services you’re looking for and if they are affordable.

Tip 2: Inquire

If you have a list of shortlisted cleaning companies, you must inquire them. You must ask them if they are bonded and insured. You should also ask them about their experience in the particular field and find out if they are subcontractors or private operators. In addition to that, you should ensure that the employees of the cleaning company you intend to hire are covered by the company insurance policy. You should also ask the companies if they perform background checks on the employees. After all, you wouldn´t an ex-convict in your home now, would you?

Tip 3: Checking for reviews online

The World Wide Web is a wonderful creation and it holds a vast amount of information about everything under the sun. And, it can be effectively used to find reviews of local businesses as well. Reading through unbiased reviews and responses from customers will give you a proper indication of how a particular cleaning company works. You can also check the ratings of cleaning companies on different reliable sources such as Angie’s List and Better Business Bureau. The sources will help you know what the cleaning company excels at and for how long they’ve been doing what they do!  

Tip 4: Opting for tailored services

You wouldn’t want to pay for a service you didn´t want or ask for now, would you? Therefore, you must only choose to hire the services of a cleaning company that provides tailored services, allowing you to choose services that you require. For instance, you may only want your living room cleaned and not your entire house. Or, you might simply want to only hire the professionals for a one-off event instead of making it a monthly gig. If you are allowed to choose, your costs will decrease drastically. A great cleaning company will cater to your needs and requirements with minimum fuss.


5 Tips to selecting a reputable dumpster rental

dumpster rentals

Dumpster Rental Services are one of the lifelines of every major city. Although may disagree, Dumpster Services is handling one of the most important jobs in society, which is taking care of the waste. A lot of people find it degrading, but without dumpster rental services, even a great city will become polluted without them. That is why society and civilization need them.

Now if you are thinking of renting a dumpster in case you are planning for renovation or disposing of some unwanted waste, then you must know some basic things that you need to check first before hiring them. You must select the best and efficient company so that your needs can be satisfied. Here are some tips that will help you select a reputable dumpster service.


  1. Check the Location

In hiring a Dumpster it is best to hire the local companies. By hiring the locals, there will be no unnecessary information gathering and they can visit your house immediately. They will also have local knowledge about your place which will be beneficial to the both of you. They are more informed about local landfills and recycling centers and updated with the local list of hazardous materials and where to dump them.


  1. Pricing

In selecting a dumpster rental, checking their prices is also essential. Choose the company with a pricing list that is easy to understand to avoid those hidden fees they charge you after the job is finished. The company should be forward with their prices. Avoid those companies that charge you by the weight of your waste to avoid unexpected prices and also ask about penalty fees and how to avoid them. To be safe you should get the price list in writing so that you can keep tabs of your expenses.


  1. Punctual

A good sign of a reputable dumpster service company is that they are conscious about their timing. A Dumpster rental that is punctual when it comes to delivery and pick-up means that they are a company that values your time and theirs. A dumpster service should be able to deliver their containers within 24 hours and should be on time when it comes to collecting the waste. A company that sticks to their time frame means that they are efficient workers and they are worth the money you are spending for their services.


  1. Check their Equipment and Machinery

Checking the assets of the Dumpster Company is also a great way to know if the Company is reputable and capable of your needs. A company that has up to date machinery and containers means that they are well-equipped to deal with many waste disposal situations. It is also a good sign that the company is doing great which means they are performing better than other companies.


  1. Check the age of the company

An old company means that it has survived bankruptcy and endured the test of time. It is a good sign that the company is efficient and gives a quality service. A company that has been around for a long time means that they have more wisdom when it comes to waste management and also the customers they cater to are satisfied with their services. They are able to refine their procedures and methods which made them endure those long years.

If you are planning to hire a Dumpster Rental Service then choose Eagle Dumpster. They have all the good qualities of a reputable company and they are capable of disposing of any kinds of waste you throw at them. They do the dirty work for you, so you don’t have to roll up your sleeves to do them yourselves. Visit them now to understand what we are talking about.