How to Turn Your Home into a Restaurant

A new trend is popping up in New York City, Tel Aviv and around the globe. This new trend is to start a restaurant out of your home. This may sound crazy at first, and a direct assault to health code laws, but there may just be something to it. If Airbnb can give strangers a chance to stay the night on each other’s couches, why can’t people meet up for a meal in someone’s living room? That’s what the makers of Cookapp and Feastly must have thought.


Restaurant Apps

Cookapp and Feastly work basically the same way, only in different locations. Cookapp is only in New York, Feastly was created in Tel Aviv, but has expanded through Europe and recently entered the New York market. These apps work similarly to Airbnb. Hungry patrons can peruse the apps for people serving meals in their home. They make a reservation and voila! Someone has a working restaurant out of their home.

If you are passionate about cooking, this may be something you can do. Whether you have equipment for restaurants or know how to work the basics really well, you may be able to create a delicious restaurant experience in your own kitchen.

To avoid health code violations, Cookapp and Feastly meals are technically “free,” but a “suggested donation” is listed next to the meal posting. Cooks must submit to a home visit and background check before they begin their restaurant. If approved, they can begin serving gourmet meals to customers.


Traditional Restaurants

You can also go the traditional route. If zoning and health code laws allow, you could convert your home into a restaurant. Set up a few tables in your living room, advertise with a sign our front and start cooking!

Starting a restaurant isn’t as easy as all that, obviously. Your home will need a little bit of renovation to be eatery ready. Here are some things you can start to think about.

-Do you love to cook that much? Sure, it’s fun when it is you and four friends, but what about when it’s room full of impatient strangers? If that still sounds fun, then great! If not, you may need to reconsider.

-Will you need help? Cooking, serving, and hosting are all full time jobs in other restaurants. You probably can’t do them all, so you need to find someone to help you.

-Do you have the right equipment? Depending on how big your dining room is going to be, you may need larger cooking equipment for restaurants. You’ll also need the tables, chairs, dinnerware, and silverware. This is all stuff you will need to purchase upfront before you even begin making money. This page is good resource to find out more about restaurant equipments.

-How will you advertise? You need to create a Facebook page at least, and preferably an Instagram and Twitter as well to begin advertising. You can also take out ads in the local newspaper or magazine. After a few test runs, contact the food section of your local paper to come review your restaurant. This is always great publicity!


Starting your own restaurant easy, but with the right tools and attitude, it can definitely be worth it. Have fun!