Invisalign cost; is it worth it?

We have all seen overpriced brands in daily life and considered purchasing generic alternatives. That is a wise choice. But with clear braces, the Invisalign costs London as an orthodontic product encompasses many advantages. So, how does it line up with other treatments?

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are a low-impact orthodontic tool; they work in much the same as any other aligner, on the principle that by continually applying force to your teeth, you can alter their positions. The trick with clear aligners is that they do it without the need of brackets or an arch wire. This allows them to be much lighter and tighter fitting to your teeth, as well as being made from translucent materials, making them the most subtle orthodontic treatment available. They are also easier to manufacture and do not require the intensive interventions that can come with other orthodontic tools.

Pros of clear aligners

One of the advantages that aligners have over braces is how easy they are to remove and replace; you take them out to eat and clean. This might sound like a benefit but if you have ever used braces, you will have likely had experience with the extensive brushing time or the way that braces restrict your diet avoiding foods which are gooey, sticky or grainy. So, aligners can therefore be a substantial time saver.

The orthodontic process with braces requires them to be adjusted, and how your teeth respond can eventually shift them into the correct location. This process is pre-planned and is built into the shape of clear aligners, with each aligner in the series behaving somewhat like a mini braces adjustment in its own right. This reduces the need to travel to the clinic and allows most of the assessments to occur via online assessments. This is a far more convenient way to complete your treatment schedule and is one that is compatible not only with a busy routine, but also any future government restrictions on travel.

Treatment with clear aligners is generally considered gentler and more tolerable; the adjustments are carried out in smaller increments and aligners are far more giving than their metal alternatives.

Complications of clear aligners

All clear aligner treatment tends to be slightly more expensive and the equivalent treatment with a metal brace, but this will depend on the number of aligners needed, how often they become lost or damaged and will also depend on how long you need to undertake the treatment for.

Typical cost will also vary, depending on the complexity of the misalignment and length of treatment. If you have a more mild orthodontic need, it is likely that it can be resolved using clear aligner, but it may require you to wear them for longer times and you may need to attend our clinics more, which will push the price of the treatment up.

If you have a very severe misalignment, like one involving the positions of your molars, clear aligners are unlikely to be appropriate as they simply cannot generate enough force to reliably and consistently alter the position of multi rooted teeth.