How to Make Money with your Old Cell Phone

Having a cell phone is fun but modern phones are expensive.  Add the fact that most people replace their phone every 1-2 years and you will see how expensive owning a phone can be.

Owning a cell phone is a must for everyone these days.  Effective communication with your loved ones despite the distance can be achieved easily. Entertainment is also possible when you have a cell phone. This includes video-streaming, playing mobile and online games, and capturing some moments that you’ll surely reminisce for the rest of your lives. With hundreds of models and brands releasing their timely upgrades and new models, you mostly switch to a new one. Due to the endless expectations of the customers like you, you always seek for the better one. But what if your old phone is still working and in good condition? Will you throw it away? Do you know people can earn money from it? How?

Your old cell phones are not only meant for the trash. It still has a place and can make someone’s life better by selling it online. With different online stores and platforms, you can easily promote and sell your old cell phone to make money out of it. Here are some of the ideas that you can consider when selling your cell phone online.

Search for an Online Store

If you are not fond of selling it on yourself, you can try referring it to online stores. This way, a lot of potential buyers can view your cell phone and purchase it. With hundreds of online stores, it isn’t impossible to sell your cell phone.  When it comes to selling my used phone online, I personally love, a portion of all proceeds is donated to charity to help animals.

When choosing an online store, make sure that it has the license and proof of service. This way, you can avoid scam or robbery of your cell phone. Taking a look at the customer’s feedback, as well as the service, can be a basis for you to trust an online store.


Trading your cell phone to other customers or sellers can be a great choice. Here you can swap your cell phone with other items that correspond to the price of it. You can trade it with your friend, or workmate that might have an interest in your cell phone. Just make sure that the deal is true and there is no backing out. That way, you can avoid being fooled by your trader.

Make use of Social Media Sites

Another effective way of selling your old cell phone is through making social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other else. Using this can increase the potentiality of your cell phone to be sold to a buyer. With millions of social media users, you can catch the interest and attention of a potential buyer. Promotion using social media sites can be applied with creativity, such as sales talk. Make sure to include the product information and other essential data to attract a potential buyer fully.  Other creative methods can also be used as long as it is meant for promoting your old cell phone.

Make Sure to Provide the Product information

In selling your cell phone online, you must include the product information, as well as other essential inclusion of it such as the earphones, charger, and box. The product information is used to inform the buyer about your cell phone, so you mustn’t forget about it. If you don’t have the chance or time to talk about the information about the cell phone, the manual and other information describing the product can be used by the buyer to know how to use it. Make sure to provide the complete set of the product, including the charger and earphones. You can also add some notes and promo showing gratitude to the buyer for buying your cell phone.

Considering this information, as mentioned earlier regarding selling your cell phone online can make it purchased easily. Make money from your old cell phone!