The top 4 promotional products to take to your next trade show

Joining trade shows and exhibits is a great opportunity for owners of small companies to increase the exposure of their brand to the consumers and to potential business partners as well. While these events are organized for entrepreneurs to market their businesses and, of course, to exchange ideas with other people, it cannot be helped that some people still get anxious during the preparation stage. Aside from setting up the essential equipment and supplies, planning on smart booth designs, dressing up to appear more presentable, and rehearsing your lines, it is also necessary for you to invest on promotional items and freebies for the trade show.

Contrary to popular belief, having giveaways during a trade show is not an outdated practice yet – at least for now. The problem with other companies is that they tend to give promotional items which have become less and less remarkable through time. These giveaways include pens, notepads, mugs, and fans. Since they are already considered as common freebies, they tend to lose their ability to promote your brand effectively.

To help your company stand out at the next trade show, here are the top four promotional items that you should have. Consider them as giveaways, and you can surely attract potential clients, increase customer retention, and impress other business owners in the trade show.


  1. Sports Water Bottles

Sports water bottles are great promotional items whether or not you are marketing a sports-related brand or a beverage company. These liquid containers can help keep trade show participants hydrated throughout the event. You can also set-up a refreshments station and provide free water or iced tea if you want to attract more people to drop by your booth.


  1. Keystand

A keystand is an upgrade version of the usual keychain giveaway. It combines a key ring and a mobile device stand in one. It can be used to view videos on smartphones and tablets with greater convenience. You can have your company logo printed on one side and the slogan on the other to ensure better brand retention to the consumers.


  1. Calendars and Planners

Believe it or not, calendars are still considered as effective trade show giveaways until now. Wallet-sized ones may not be an ideal option as large hang-type calendars are easier to read and use inside homes and business establishments. You can also upgrade them to handy planners for a more professional look.


  1. USB Charger

If you have a bigger budget, then you can have power banks and USB chargers for mobile devices as giveaway items. You may choose wide-sized plugs which offer more space for your company logo to be printed. You can choose from a variety of types including wall adaptors, car chargers, and cable sets for less than $5 each.

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