The Importance Of Proper Ventilation In Your Home

Well ventilated home

If you’re planning ventilation for a new home or simply taking care of the space you’re in now, proper airflow is something that should be practiced in any space. Without ventilation in a property there are a whole host of potentially dangerous incidents that can occur. Did you know that on average we spend 90% of our time indoors and actually draw in around 12,000 litres of air each day? That’s a lot of space for harmful pollutants and respiratory diseases to spread around!  Make sure that you’re not going to run in to any of these issues and protect your home at the same time by following our simple tips below…


The simple and free act of opening a window in your home can not only eliminate odours caused by things like cooking or dirty washing, but also allow for a much fresher quality of air. In an ideal world, your house should be aired out daily, providing ventilation throughout, banishing stale smells, pollens and bacteria. However, if you’re in a household where having a window open all day long just isn’t ideal, (perhaps if you have a curious house cat on an escape mission!) then there are options for you too. Companies like Rocburn Limited have a great selection of both manual and electric window openers that can really help with hard to reach areas or high up skylights. Not only do they offer a bespoke service for your ventilation issues, but they offer both electric and manual options. Whether you’re looking for a plug-in electric system that you set to a timer, allowing proper ventilation throughout the day, or you simply need traditional window openers, Rocburn cater to everyone. Check out the latest technology they offer including rain and wind sensors!


Aside from small things such as cooking foods with the extractor fan on or switching on the bathroom fan when showering, there are a number of other changes you can make in your lifestyle to ensure a properly ventilated living space. If you’re home has an open fire or improperly fitted extractor fan or boiler, you could be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Often referred to as ‘the silent killer’, carbon monoxide is extremely difficult to detect as it has to odour, taste or colour. Make sure all your home appliances are checked regularly and installed correctly. Practice proper ventilation and also get yourself an audible alarm. Carbon monoxide alarms can be purchased from most hardware and DIY stores (make sure they are approved by the latest British or European standards) and will emit a high pitched sound when the gas is detected, great for a prompt and early warning.


Every home needs fresh air flowing through each day to remove stale, damp air, not only for the integrity of the building, but for your health too. This guide on proper ventilation for your home, taken from the book ‘Home Improvement for Dummies’ is simple to read and offers some fantastic additional advice, give it a read! Make sure you’re sticking to the tips mentioned above and you’re sure to have a much more pleasant, comfortable living space for you and the family.


Making a Profit Through Simple Renovation


Making a profit when it comes to buying and selling a property doesn’t have to be a massive job, in fact, there are some simple tips and tricks you can follow which will make a property seem like you’ve spent a lot of money on it when you won’t have spent much at all. Since property prices are currently on an all time high, a little renovation can go a long way, so have a look at the following revamps you can make to a property without breaking your bank.


Plan & Budget

When it comes to renovation, the last thing you want to do is walk in and start splashing money around without any kind of plan of action. You need to plan not only what you’re going to do for each section of the property, but you need to work out a budget.


You want to be making a profit for each time you spend, which means you need to research similar properties on the market and how much you can realistically sell yours for. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a better idea of how to budget on each area of the house, and how much profit  you’ll make.


Fundamental Features

Some of the fundamental things that people look for in a property can be a deciding point as to whether they want to live there or not. These are the features that you’ll definitely want to consider renovating.



One of these fundamental features are the windows. If a property has single glazing, this can leave a property feeling cold, but it also tends to get wet due to condensation. Installing double glazing, especially on downstairs windows for security reasons, can leave potential buyers feeling a lot happier about a property.



Fire or smoke alarms should be fitted and checked, as not having one near a kitchen can also put people off. Smoke ventilating systems on windows are also a good feature to install, as these air out a room without having to open windows fully, and this can also be a security issue. You can get these fitted professionally by companies such as LJ Pratley.



Something else to consider is installing floorboards where carpets may have been laid. Old carpets in a property can look dingy and leave a smell, however simply by fitting some affordable floorboards, you can easily bring a room back to life and make it look as good as new.



Giving a room a touch of paint, a few cheap items to sell with the property and a good clean will make all the difference when it comes to potential buyers looking around. Painting a room a light colour will give it the feeling that it is bigger and lighter than it might actually be.



Giving a room a touch of paint may seem like a simple task that will not make a big difference when it comes to selling a place, but a lot of potential buyers will not look past the aesthetics of the property, meaning many will choose a well presented property over one that just needs a little bit of love and care. Paint the rooms a light colour, making them appear lighter, more spacious and cleaner.



Purchase some affordable furniture sets so that you can offer to sell the property furnished. By putting in new furniture pieces, this also gives potential buyers coming to look around the opportunity to give them an idea of what it would look like if they move in. This also means choosing furniture that doesn’t cramp a room but compliments its size and colour.



After all the work and effort that has gone into the property, there is likely to be some dust and dirt lying around. Before showing around interested customers, the place should look as presentable as possible. In order to get the best results, you could hire a cleaning service such as OCD Cleaning to do the hard work for you and make your property as perfect as it can be. This means having a good clean and polish of a place to make sure it looks the best it can, to give you the best chance of making a profit out of your simple renovation.



How to Maintain and Care For Your Power Tools


Whether you’re a regular DIY enthusiast or a complete beginner, it’s important to be aware of the basic maintenance and safety requirements for power tools. If you’re keen to complete simple repairs, fixes and decorating tasks around your home, you will need to use power tools at some point in the near future. In order to correctly maintain your tools, contact your nearest tool shop or a specialist retailer like the Anglia Tool Centre, and always keep the owner’s manual handy.

Storage and Transport of Power Tools

Make sure that you keep your power tools dry at all times. A great deal of wear and tear can occur when they are being transported or stored, if this is done incorrectly. When you’ve finished using a power tool, store it in a cool, dry space away from excessive temperature and sources of ignition. Remember that even a small amount of moisture can damage metal parts and electrical components, and if your drill or sander was supplied with a case, make sure that you use it. Cases are great for protecting your tools against scratches, bumps and water damage.


Regular Cleaning

All power tools require regular cleaning to ensure that they remain in good working order. Dust, grease and grime can degrade the performance of your tools by slowing down the inner workings. To prevent this from occurring, wipe your tools before you put them away. Wood particles and metal shavings are also bad for your power tools as they can clog up the motor. Use canned air to blow out vents, openings and exposed moving parts that can collect shavings and dust when you’ve finished using a particular tool. Controlling the build-up of dust, shavings and dirt will prolong the life of your power tools and prevent costly replacements.

Oiling and Sharpening Tools

If you have air tools, the moving mechanisms need to lubricated to work correctly. It’s important to look at the instructions or owner manual for individual tools, but a drop of oil usually lasts for thousands of movements. Too much oil may cause a sticky build-up, so don’t overdo it. It’s very important to maintain a sharp blade on power tools that are used for cutting. Dull blades on saws are more likely to slip and scratch your work, or even injure you. The tool’s motor will need to work harder to cut, and it will take longer for you to accomplish simple tasks.


How Reclaimed Furniture can Add a sense of Style and Substance to your Home


 The Internet is full of pages offering innovative home design advice, for every single room from the kitchen and bathroom to your living area. The only issue with these pages is that they tend to promote the use of generic or mass-produced furniture, which can cause homes to look stale and become far-removed from the unique characteristics of their owners. With this in mind, anyone who aspires to remodel their property may be wise to conduct more thorough research and seek out more innovative design trends.


The Benefits of Using Reclaimed Furniture: How can It Add Style and Substance to your Home

One of the best ways to revitalise your home and add style to your living space is through the creative application reclaimed furniture. Consider the following benefits of this and how they can be applied to your home: –


1 – Reclaimed Wood has an Innovative and Unique Narrative
Reclaimed wood furnishings are essentially made from recycled materials, which affords them two key benefits for thoughtful and reflective home-owners. The first is that they tend to be one-of-a-kind items and entirely unique, meaning that they add genuine value to your home and remain far-removed from the mass produced furniture sold nationwide. Secondly, these products will also have an interesting narrative, which may provide a talking point for guests and enable you to create a wow factor within your home.

2 – Access Genuine Value for Money
While there is nothing necessarily wrong with purchasing mass-produced furniture manufactured from standard materials, these items do not always represent the best value for money. The same cannot be said about reclaimed furniture, however, as materials such as oak tend to be strong, stable and exceptionally durable for long-term use. Oak furniture also has a unique and extremely appealing visual style, meaning that it combines form and function within a single, cost-effective package. Suppliers such as the Trading Furniture Company sell a wide range of these furnishings, so they are easily accessible to consumers throughout the UK.
3 – Create a Rustic and Easy to Maintain Look
One of the most prominent design trends in 2014 has revolved around creating a rustic home, as this replicates the very best of Parisian style and also provides an easy to maintain interior for home-owners. The procurement and application of reclaimed furniture can play a significant role in such a drive, as it is usually simplistic and traditional in its appearance and lends itself to a rustic and rural design ethos. Whether you buy furniture that has been made from reclaimed oak or a similarly robust natural wood, you will have the opportunity to create a quaint and rustic home that serves a sanctuary from the demands of modern life.

Improving Your DIY Confidence: Jobs You Can Do in Time for Summer


For some, just the sheer mention of the term DIY sends shivers down their spine. The thought of all that drilling, cutting and measuring is just too much and, to be honest, it’s easy to see why. The DIY world is fraught with areas for potential error and, particularly if you’re undertaking a big task, the thought of doing it can be relatively daunting. Because of this, you need confidence when it comes to DIY. Commonly, we all have the skills, and most jobs where we pay for an engineer or a fitter could have actually been done at home, saving costs. Here are some great examples of how you can boost your DIY confidence, completing chores that need to be done in time for summer in the process.

Cleaning Out the Gutters

It may be a smelly and rather time-consuming task, but cleaning out the gutters is absolutely essential if you want to avoid larger structural problems at a later date. What’s more, it couldn’t be simpler – all you’ll need is a leaf blower, a pair of gloves, a ladder and a bin bag. It may be tempting to ring for someone to do it, but there really is no excuse not to (unless you’re scared of heights, of course).

Woodwork Rejuvenation Projects

No matter whether you’re sanding, sawing or cutting, woodwork is a laborious task, and there’s simply no way around it. However, in spite of this, sanding can actually be largely therapeutic, and it’s also a great workout. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to ruin your piece of wood by sanding it, so it’s a great way to build you DIY confidence, and no matter whether you’re sanding or staining, you’ll need relatively few tools – a sheet, some sandpaper and some varnish should suffice.

Re-grouting a Bathroom

Simple, quick and easy, re-grouting is a task that can be completed in a matter of minutes, making a world of difference to your bathroom in the process. The curing of the grout takes time, but other than that, the process is simple, and you’ll only require a couple of easy to use tools. This will make your bathroom look fresh and vibrant while most importantly keeping it leak free.

Changing a Door Handle 

Once you’ve got a bit of DIY confidence (and you’re certain that you’re not going to ruin the house), you can upscale your tasks to dealing with problems like dodgy door handles. Invest in an electric drill (like the ones from Elcocks) and set about changing it. As long as you’ve got the right screws and fittings, you’ll have no problems – you’ll be changing the whole door next!

So there we have it, 4 DIY jobs you can do at home to boost your confidence. Of course, these are only a select few of the tasks that you can undertake, and we haven’t even begun to discuss things like building flat pack furniture and putting up shelving. These types of task are far easier than you’d think, so go on, give it a try – you might find it easier than you’d think.

How Does Divorce Mediaton Work?


Marriages can be wonderful and they can last for an eternity, but not always. Some people might find out after a few years of marriage that they don’t get along that great and they need to divorce for various reasons. However, a few issues come into play, especially if the couple who is divorcing now has kids.

The best way to cope with these problems is to go for divorce mediation. This is an alternative to the formal process of a divorce court and it basically involves finding solutions to problems such as spousal support and child custody, among many others.

The Mediation Process

During the mediation process both parties come with their attorneys as well as a third party. The latter is actually the mediator which assists the people who are now divorcing in finding a common ground and solving the matter at hand. What’s really important to know is that the mediator is an objective party. He won’t solve any agreement, instead he will make suggestion on how the whole problem can be solve without any issues, while also pointing the means of doing so.

One of the main issues that can be the target of mediation is surely the distribution of liabilities and assets. This can be a very important problems especially for those couples that bought a house, car and numerous other things together during their marriage. Using a mediator can easily help solve this problem a lot faster, especially since at the beginning both parties think that they can’t possibly get to an agreement.

The mediator provides all the help a divorcing couple needs, while also ensuring them that everything discussed during such a session is confidential. This is really important, as many people don’t tend to trust mediators for that reason alone.

It’s important to know that mediation is absolutely voluntary, as couples don’t need to undertake it. Most of them tend to do it because it involves much lower costs when compared to a litigated case, not to mention the fact that the results also come faster as well, so basically everybody wins.

Mediation Advantages

There are many advantages when it comes to mediation. First of all, it saves time and money by shortening the divorce process. In addition, it’s confidential and nobody will ever find out about what has been discussed during such a session.

What’s more, mediation is fair to both parties and objective as well, and its only reason of existing in the first place is to help both parties as fast as possible. Mediation provides a lot of benefits to a divorcing couple and it surely costs a lot less than other similar means. This is why undergoing a few mediation sessions can easily solve the problems brought up by the divorce, which is amazing, as a divorce can take quite a lot of time without it.

Making a Creative Space for Your Kids

Creative play time is essential for children of any age. Allowing time and space for your children to create helps them grow and learn on their own while having fun. Creating will stimulate them and help them to learn problem solving methods on their own.

It is sometimes hard, in today’s world of technology especially, to get your kids to sit down and work on a creative project without getting bored. It is helpful to have a separate space in your home where they can focus on their project without distractions and be encouraged to continue. If you want to incorporate more creative time into your children’s days, here are some ideas you can use to create a space for your kids to grow in.

Make an open space

Have some open space for your kids to move around in. Maybe your child wants to build a giant tower or a replica of him or herself. Allowing them the space to do these kinds of things will allow them to use their imagination more and create whatever they deem possible.

If you can’t have an entire room, create a separate space in a room on your home. Use a room divider to block the creativity space from other parts of the room, like to block the TV if your space in the living room. Clear extra floor space in a big foyer using a spiral staircase kit. Any structured space will make a huge difference for your kids.

Keep them away from all screens

Avoiding any and all technology in your creativity space will greatly help your kids. Everyone needs a break from screen time, and having less technology in your children’s creativity space will encourage them to use their imagination and create something with their hands.

Have a desk for them to work on

Especially for younger kids, creativity time often involves crafts and drawing. Have a hard surface for your kids to work on. This can be as simple as clearing off the dining room table or building a desk in your children’s bedrooms.

Try to keep the desk clear and organized after each time your kids use it. Give them designated areas to put away supplies and encourage them to clean up. You may also have to reorganize and restock supplies, so you kids can keep creating.

Give them the props they need

Whatever your children’s passions are, feed them. If your children like to draw, have plenty of coloring supplies, like paper, crayons and colored pencils. If your children are young and you are still unsure of what will most interest them, have a few different options set up so they can pick and choose what suits them best.

Display their creations proudly

To encourage future creative time, display whatever your children create proudly in the creativity space. Support your children’s creative passions and help them find value in what they are creating. This is good advice to follow no matter what your children do in life, as long as they are ethically following their dreams, you should be behind them with support and encouragement.

Making a Creative Space for Your Kids


Author Bio:

Tina Hamilton HeadshotTina Hamilton is a journalist, blogger and social media guru. You can usually find her online or walking along one of Southern California’s beaches with her dog, Joey. You can find her on Twitter.



Creating a Better Home Office

Creating a Better Home Office

With new advancement in technology, working from home has become a more popular option for everyone. Many jobs can be done with only a computer and an Internet connection, so the need to go into a physical office building is no longer there.

Many people also prefer to work from home for a number of other reasons, such as less commute time, more time with family, can work in your pajamas, etc. However, working from home can pose some issues for many people. A home office can house many distractions and inconveniences that a traditional office doesn’t have. You can avoid and prevent many of these issues with a properly constructed home office. Here are a few ways that you can create a better home office in your home simply and inexpensively.

Clear some space

Many home offices get crammed into the small, unused storage spaces of our homes. Although this might seem like a good use of the space, making yourself work in a small space will only distract and limit you.

Try to find an open space for you to spread out and not feel restricted. A great way to add extra space in your home is to replace a traditional staircase with Salter Spiral Stairs to create more open floor space. Find the place in your home that allows you to expand as much as you need to and begin your home office set up.

Find the appropriate seating option

One of the biggest complaints that people have during their work hours is back pain from sitting for long periods of time, no matter where their office is. When you work from home, it may be tempting to lie in bed or sit on your comfortable couch while you work. Although this may sound idea, it can make you more tired, less productive, and actually lead to more back pain.

Avoid this issue by investing in a good office chair. Having a chair that properly supports your back while keeping you upright and alert will greatly reduce your back pain and increase your productivity daily. Add in regular stretching and movement to keep you focused and pain free.

Keep the area well lit

Another crucial element to keep you alert and focused in your home office is having enough light to work in. Finding a great desk lamp is a must, but you can also keep your home office brighter by using more natural light. Set up your desk underneath a window and keep sheer curtains over windows surrounding your desk. This will brighten the whole room and keep you awake without needing that second cup of coffee.

Separate the area from the rest of your home

When you work in a home office, it can be very difficult to separate your home life from your job. If you have to work around all the distractions of your personal life, you will never be able to focus on your work tasks.

Try to separate your home office from the rest of your home. Face your desk away from other parts of the room or home and keep all personal tasks and lists in a separate location. This can be really difficult for a lot of people, but once you find the way to keep everything in its designated place, you will be a lot better off in work and home life.

Creating a Better Home Office


Author Bio:

Tina Hamilton HeadshotTina Hamilton is a journalist, blogger and social media guru. You can usually find her online or walking along one of Southern California’s beaches with her dog, Joey. You can find her on Twitter.



Would You Install a Cargo Lift in Your Home?


At first it does sound rather lazy – don’t climb those stairs, take the lift instead. Why lug the groceries or the suitcases – just ‘lift’ them up to the beach house. And to be sure in a number of cases, a cargo lift for a home or weekend dwelling may seem like overkill – what’s wrong with climbing a few stairs anyway. Why undergo the expense and the inconvenience of a major structural alteration to your living space?

Who needs a cargo lift?

Obviously only you as a home owner can decide whether you actually need a device such as this, or whether you only want it. However there are some reasons why a Legacy cargo lift can make a lot of sense:

ü  For seniors, a cargo lift is not only convenient and useful; it may actually be a requirement that is medically indicated. Reduced mobility, arthritis, rheumatism and similar age related diseases could curtail activities. For seniors, an easy to operate lift could be indicated. Simply lugging a bag of groceries up or down the stairs can be a strain for an older person. Even the chances of falling on the stairs are far higher than they would be with the help of a lift

ü  People with disabilities would also need something like a cargo lift to help access an upper floor independently and without assistance. They can do so whether they are in a wheelchair, on crutches or other type of walking aid.

ü  Cargo lifts are popular with people who own holiday properties in the hills or on beaches. These dwellings typically tend to be multi level, cottage type structures – utterly charming but not particularly well designed for frequent lugging of large bags up and down the stairs.  So people who frequently take long holidays to their weekend retreats, may want to consider a cargo lift.

ü  For some dwellings an internal elevator may not be possible – quite simply there may not be any space and the shape and dimensions of the structure may not allow for it. A stair lift may be a good alternative here; however this will only transport a person and not luggage or cargo. In situations like this an external cargo lift may be the only option

What structural alterations are required for installation?

One of the first reasons a property owner would hesitate to have a device like this installed is the fact that some considerable structural alterations would be required for installation. In many cases, a cargo lift may be able to be installed with minimum structural alterations. However you would have to have your property assessed to determine whether it is possible to install in your dwelling.

If you decide to get your property assessed for the purpose of installing a Legacy lift, be sure to get a complete estimate, including all installation costs, guarantees and after-sales service. Also ask plenty of questions about the suitability of the lift for seniors, the speed of operation, the size of the controls, ease of operation and whether remote control is available or not.

About the author:

Sarika Periwal is an interior design and home improvement enthusiast. She has consulted on various design projects and written for numerous publications, both online and offline. Check out Legacy Lifts to make your holiday home more comfortable.

Cleaning Supplies Storage Design Ideas

A great number of the advertisements in the magazines and the commercials on the TV encourage us with a tedious sameness to buy a particular cleaning product that will perform miracles with your place of living. No matter if you trust them or you stick to the detergents that have proven themselves to be efficient and eco – friendly, all of a sudden you find your house full of bottles, containing more or less powerful cleaning ingredients, each one of which is thought to fight different kinds of dirt, dust and germs.

When you start performing some cleaning procedures, finding a particular detergent turns out to be more time – consuming than the cleaning process itself. Why don’t you gather them together and make some more room at your home, not to mention that the proper organisation will save you a lot of time.


New car cleaning supplies


• Clean the closet up. It is a common practice to throw all the items you won’t need in the foreseeable future, in the closet. Why don’t you take your time and clean it up? You will be amazed how much free space you will get. You can place the cleaning supplies there.
• Buy a bottle organizer – the most inexpensive and at the same time sensible solution to organising your stuff. Those organizers can be bought at any supermarket. Hang them onto the closet door and put every bottle in an individual pocket. This will enable you to get some more room for the brooms, mops and the vacuum cleaner.
• The door is a decent place for storing the brooms and mops as well. You just have to get a couple of hooks and install them on the door. Another advantage of hanging the brooms is preventing any possible damages such as bending the straws and mops heads mildewing.
• Placing the cleaning supplies under the sink is not always a good idea especially if you have kids who can easily reach the bottles that contain dangerous to their health substances. Yet installing the so called roll out trays under the sink is a good alternative in case you don’t have to worry about safety.
• Getting a special cabinet that can fit all your cleaning stuff is a really appealing option. It saves both – time and space. You know exactly where the desired cleaning detergent is, not to mention that you can put some more bulky items in there and even install hangers on the door where you can put the rags and the paper towels.
• An advice from Greenwich cleaning services team- put the small – sized cleaning supplies such as sponges, gloves, brushes in a separate decorative box so you don’t lose them.
• Divide the cleaning supplies into categories – dusting, polishing, waxing. Seeing them properly organised will inspire you to grab the one you need, get a sponge from the decorative box and do some cleaning.
• The stairwell can also serve as a place where some supplies can be put. All you are supposed to do is to install a narrow shelving.
• The best option for carrying the cleaning supplies from room to room while you perform the house chores is to store them in a shower caddy. You can easily handle it and put it back on the wall once you are done cleaning.

You can see more creative DIY ideas by visiting this webpage.