3 Genius Indoor Improvement Ideas

Growth in home improvement product sales is expected to grow by 4.8% in 2018, according to a recent survey by the Home Improvement Research Institute. Today, homeowners are spending more to improve the look of their indoor. An interior space that has character is not only engaging, but it also dramatically increases the value of your home. As time goes by, the interior of your home may not look as appealing as it was years ago. If you are looking for ways to revive and freshen it up, worry no more. With a few adjustments, you can create a space that is more enticing, inviting and comfortable. Below are some useful improvement ideas.

Add a Water Feature

To make your indoor area stand out, you need something unique and alluring. Here, a water fountain can add the perfect splash to your home. Installing an indoor water fountain means bringing the sound and sights of nature to the inside of your home. The sound of flowing, bubbling and dripping water is tranquilizing and relaxing to the human brain and invokes a sense of calmness to you and your family. Fountains come in varying size, shape and designs thus they give you the much-needed flexibility. With many selections around, you can easily find a fountain that blends into your house design. A Huffington Post article notes that a water feature adds an elegant touch and makes everything else in the room seem luxurious.

Light it up

When it comes to interior design schemes, the lighting fixtures you select play a critical role. Lighting transforms the look of your home into a comfortable and welcoming space. Before selecting your illuminating fixtures, you should first understand three light layers. Ambient lighting ensures you can move around your home without bumping into objects. Task lighting is essential to helping you complete everyday chores within your home. For the third option, DIY Network describes accent lighting as a decorative element, allowing you to highlight your favorite items such as paintings, artwork and other decors. Keeping your lighting scheme and theme in your home consistent is recommended to avoid confusing the eyes and causing uneasiness. From your kitchen to the living room, the right lighting combination can make your space appear larger, warmer and cozier.

Add a fireplace

A fireplace can be a perfect architectural signature in your home. This retreat not only helps you stay warm, but also brings the family together. According to an article on The Spruce, a room with a fireplace feels welcoming than one without. Whether your room is traditional or modern, there are many fireplace designs and shapes that can perfectly suit your home. From stone, brick, slate, glass to mosaic designs, you have many adorable materials to pick from. You can also opt for a green fireplace which is easy to install and maintain, and safe for your family and the environment. With these valuable features, you will surely make a powerful focal point in your room.

Adding features to your interior space can give you the dream home you have always wished for. With the right plan, you can easily transform overlooked spaces into bright, fascinating and interesting areas. Whether you have a large or small home, these three features will leave a lasting and inspiring impact in your home!