5 Signs That You Need Outdoor Blinds

Blinds and other window furnishings are an obvious design consideration when decorating your home. However, many homeowners only consider the impact of interior blinds for aesthetic appeal and sun protection. But did you know that outdoor blinds can be just as important for maintaining the health and appearance of your home?

That’s right, outdoor window furnishings do exist, and they have been rising in popularity within Australia in recent years. There are many varieties of outdoor blinds  available, including cafe blinds, awnings, retractable blinds, verandah blinds and more. Each one can be customised in any colour or material of your choosing to suit your home when you source them from with the right window furnishing provider.

If you are unsure whether you should purchase new outdoor blinds, there are certain considerations to keep in mind. The following five factors are reasons why you may benefit from this addition to your home.

  • You are Lacking Privacy: Some houses in Australia have fences or hedges surrounding the property to keep out wandering eyes, but many do not. In this case, outdoor blinds can be a useful way to maintain privacy for you and your family. Some types of blinds allow light to enter the home and even let you see outside while still blocking strangers from seeing in.
  • Your Home Heats Up Quickly and Never Cools Down: Blinds are meant to deflect the sun and heat, but far too many are ineffective at doing so. When too much light enters your home, your interior fixtures are at risk of sun damage and you are at risk of discomfort in your living environment. Outdoor blinds are a great way to add an extra layer of protection from the sun’s harmful rays, especially during peak hours.
  • You Have an Excessively High Energy Bill: In reducing the amount of heat that enters your home, exterior blinds may also help slash your home cooling costs. Outdoor window coverings are an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative to blasting the air conditioning all summer long. They can also be opened and closed as needed for maximum control over your home’s interior temperature.
  • You Are Looking to Sell Your Home: If you want to put your house on the market it must be appealing to these potential buyers. One way to increase intrigue and make a lasting first impression is by adding stylish additions to your home such as outdoor blinds or awnings. They can provide a pop of colour to your house’s exterior and capture the attention of passersby. The likelihood of decreased utility bills should also cater to the senses of budget-conscious buyers or renters.
  • Your Windows Are Susceptible to Weather Damage: Some parts of Australia experience quite extreme weather conditions, including intense storms, rain, ice or wind. While changing weather is unavoidable, associated window deterioration can be. Outdoor blinds provide a shield from the elements, which can limit your need for window restoration or repair. If your window coverings extend from your home over your yard or patio, they can also protect you and your belongings from exposure to harsh weather.


For those experiencing any of the above issues, outdoor blinds may provide the solution you need.