5 Tips to Enjoy Better TV Viewing Experiences With Your Digital Antenna

Today’s technology has made TV viewing a much more pleasant experience. With cable and satellite services, you can get hundreds of channels to choose from.

You won’t have any problems finding a program or movie you want to watch, day or night. Online streaming services also allow you access to more shows, films, and documentaries, including classic and hard-to-find ones.

A quality digital TV antenna, meanwhile, lets you have a better viewing experience every time you turn on your television. It also comes with several benefits that you won’t get with cable and satellite services which include:

  • Clear, continuous signal regardless of the weather
  • Access to a variety of free channels
  • Better picture quality
  • One-time payment for the device and installation (if you want it installed by pros)
  • No monthly fees


Getting the Most From Your HD Aerial

If you want to enjoy all the benefits that come with using a digital antenna, make sure you follow the tips below:

1 – Choose a good quality digital aerial

Digital antennas are not that expensive. But if you want an antenna that can last for several years and offer you a greater possibility of picking up more and better signals, choose a good-quality one that costs more than the typical HD aerials.

Before buying an HD aerial, do some research on the brands and types you are interested in.  Go online and check out various product reviews. Professional TV antenna installers can also recommend the best product that will work best in your location.


2 – Place the antenna in the right spot

Normally, the higher your antenna is placed, the more likely you are to receive more channels and better picture quality. This is why an attic or outdoor antenna tends to get more channels than an indoor one.

Placing the aerial in the right spot on the roof will also help greatly in giving you better picture and sound quality. Generally, putting it in a horizontal line view of the tower on the side of your property will give you a good signal.

If your home is surrounded by buildings, tall trees, and other large structures that can prevent your antenna from receiving a signal from the nearest broadcast tower, place your antenna near a window. The closer your antenna is to a window, the higher your chances are of receiving the best broadcast signal possible.


3 – Get an amplifier

To improve your TV reception, consider buying an amplifier.  This device boosts signal strength to enable your TV to pull in more distant channels.

However, keep in mind that an amplifier can be more harmful than helpful to your reception if you live close enough to a transmitter tower. It will simply increase noise and distortion.

To know if it is worth getting an amplifier, try scanning for channels without using this device first. If the signal isn’t great, try it again with an amplifier.


4 – When necessary, use a longer cable

If putting the antenna on the roof or near a window means the cable won’t reach the TV, get a longer coax cable. But make sure you don’t use a longer cable than is necessary. This is because extending the coax cable too much may weaken the transmission of the signal from local broadcast towers.


5 – Rescan your channels from time to time

Lastly, don’t forget to rescan your channels every week or so. Signal strength can change from time to time and an occasional rescan may result in better signals received. You can get more sub-channels when doing so as well.

In addition, whenever you move your antenna, always rescan for channels. Signal strength differs from one location to another and as such, can affect the number of channels you receive.

To get the most from your digital antenna and enjoy hours of watching on your TV, you have to invest in a high-quality HD aerial first. You will then have to find the perfect spot to place the antenna to get a good signal and more channels.

If you don’t want to waste money buying and trying different antennas and moving the aerial from one place to another to find that “sweet spot”, get help from experts that provide digital antenna installation services. You will save a lot of money, time, and effort and enjoy your TV viewing experience from the start once you choose to cut the cord.