5 Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving can be stressful for anyone, even pets. In fact, pets are often known to not handle change well, so a move could be very traumatic for them. Owners of pets should be aware of this while making any moving plans. Of course, every pet owner wants to make sure that their pet is always safe, healthy and happy, but moving sometimes does not make providing all of these things easy. Some pets will be stressed and distraught throughout the entire moving process if their owners are neglecting them.

Movers have a lot to worry about when moving, and if they have pets, they have even more to worry about. However, movers can make sure that their move goes smoothly and also ensure that their pets are happy and healthy throughout the moving process. There are some preparations that pet owners can take to create a stress-free and calm environment for their pets right away after they have moved. Here are five tips for moving with pets.

Start with crate training

Many pet owners will crate train their pets right away, but for those who did not, they should try to get their pet acclimated with the crate right away. This will help the pet feel more comfortable during the move while they are inside the crate. This can also help the owners get more done during the moving process without worrying about what the pet is doing.

Prepare for motion sickness

Motion sickness might not be something that pet owners think of in advance because it is not always common. Some pets might do fine with short car rides, but will get sick during a longer ride or a ride in a different vehicle that they are familiar with. Medication from a vet can help, and pet owners should speak with their North American Van Lines driver to accommodate their pet.

Get all tags ready before the move

The last thing that pet owners will want to worry about when they move into their new home is finding new tags for their pet. Pet owners should try to get all the licensing and tags that they need for their pet before arriving at their destination to make things easier.

Pack up the old home and adjust to the new home slowly

Packing alone can be traumatic for a pet. They can sense that something is changing and it might spook them to start it all right away. Instead, pet owners can try to pack things slowly and gradually to help the pet adjust. Additionally, they can slowly incorporate new things into the new home to make the transition smooth.

Stay positive as much as possible

More than anything, the best way to make a move successful, with or without a pet, is to stay positive. Pets can be very empathetic, so when their owner is stressed, they too will be stressed. Pet owners can do their best to relax in order to keep their pets relaxed and happy during the move.

Image: http://pixabay.com/en/pet-dog-puppy-the-shy-cute-animal-423398/