6 Easy Tips to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Everyone loves a sparkling-clean bathroom. But we hardly get around doing it as a result of the misconception that it will take an eternity to keep the bathroom clean and tidy.

That doesn’t really have to be true. Here are some practical and simple tips that will allow you to eliminate the dirt and bacteria that have turned your bathroom into a bacteria infested playground.
Vacuum first
If you thought vacuum is only for carpet and living room, then it is time to change that thought. The first step towards ensuring a well-cleaned bathroom is to get rid of dust and particles from the bathroom. When you remove the dirt and bacteria first through vacuuming, it makes the next steps of cleaning, which is usually mopping a lot easier. If you happen to keep your washing machine in the dry area of the bathroom, then keep it on a trolley stand so that you can easily move it and clean underneath.


Magic of Lemon
If you live in an area with hard water and are wondering how to get rid of the stubborn dirt and white residues accumulated on your tap, then worry no more. You only need lemon to keep the tap clean and dirt-free. Cut a lemon in half and use a half to scrub the affected thoroughly. Leave the lemon on the tap for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off to give your tap that clean look you have always desired.
Flush Your Sink
The sink drain is the number one spot for bacteria accumulation in your bathroom. If you don’t pay attention to the sink when cleaning your bathroom, you have only done half of the cleaning.
To start the cleaning, pour a mixture or vinegar and baking soda down the skin drain and flush the baking soda and vinegar with hot water. Then, clean the drain, faucet, and the surrounding area with disinfectant to prevent bacteria from lingering in the sink after washing it.
Although many people usually ignore paying the right attention to the shower when cleaning the bathroom, it is actually one of the areas of the bathroom that deserve the best attention. This is because the shower can also store more dirt that you can imagine.
All you need to clean the shower is warm soapy water, tub cleaner, bleach, and a cleaning agent. Fill your bathtub with the soapy water and add the tub cleaner, bleach, and the cleaning agent of your choice. Then, pay attention to the bathtub and shower walls and clean them thoroughly with the soapy water. When you are through with the scrubbing, allow everything to sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing thoroughly.
Don’t forget the toilet and countertops
The shower and the sink are not the only parts of the toilet that deserve your attention. Don’t ignore the countertops and the toilet too. A good bathroom cleaner will make your job easier. Pay close attention to these parts as well as the areas around the bowl and the parts behind the toilet seat. Let the multipurpose bathroom cleaner sit for a couple of minutes on the parts to loosen up accumulated grime and dirt.
Use a clean sponge to clean these areas thoroughly before rinsing them thoroughly with clean water. You will be marvelled at how sparkling these parts will become after the cleaning.
Clean the walls, tiles, ceiling
This part of your bathroom deserves as much attention as the other areas. You need to keep your tiles, walls, and ceiling as clean as your toilet, sink, and the rest. When contemplating cleaning these areas, get a multipurpose cleaner and spray the countertops, tiles, ceiling, and the walls with the cleaner.
Turn your shower and hot water on for about five minutes until steam builds in the bathroom. Then, turn off the shower and close the bathroom door so that the steam can mix with the cleaner for about 20 minutes for the best result. After that, wipe everywhere clean with a clean cloth.
If there are some high spots in the bathroom, you can use a dry and clean microfiber mop to mop those hard-to-reach areas. When you are through with them, don’t forget the tiles too.

With these few tips, you can always keep your bathroom sparkling clean always. If you do this repeatedly, your bathroom will always be clean without any room for dirt to accumulate.
Are there any other tips that you would like to share with our readers? Let us know in the comments.