A Completely Functional and Beautiful Smile Again

It can be difficult for a patient, both emotionally and physically, to lose a tooth. Gaps in a smile can be embarrassing and cause people to avoid social interactions and they may not wish to push themselves in social or business interactions. This can have devastating ramifications on their psyche.

It can also be physically damaging for a person to lose a tooth as they find that their eating habits and styles have to change in order to accommodate for this difference in themselves. The health of the surrounding teeth and gums are likely to decrease as they are further attacked by bacteria and risk of infection.

It can also be said that one’s nutritional needs can be impacted by a loss of a tooth or several teeth. What a person eats can begin to be led by what they can eat, rather than what they need to. Over time this can have a serious impact on the general health and well-being of an individual.

It is not an uncommon instance for people to lose their teeth, and sugar is linked to an increase in the need to remove teeth in people under 18. Dentists are taking proactive steps to react to this common problem in society and by continually providing innovative, preventive education, as well as placing time and research into optimal restorative care, their patients can continue to enjoy the full function of their teeth and mouths.

Dental implants in Bromley offer people who have lost a single tooth or many teeth the opportunity to have a completely functional and beautiful smile again. By providing a tailor-made service that recognises the desires and expectations of every individual, dentists are able to offer their patients a bespoke service that can have them smiling from ear to ear.


How does the general process work?

A tooth implant is best likened to a replacement tooth root. It is a metal rod that is screwed into the jawbone where it is left to fuse and create a strong bond with the bone and surrounding tissues.

Depending on the situation, a crown or bridge can be immediately attached or several weeks is left between the first appointment and the next, allowing the body the important time to heal and recover. A crown is created to mimic natural teeth in a realistic and functional way.

Dentists focus on the shape, size and colour of remaining teeth to ensure that the replacement tooth or teeth feel comfortable and look indistinguishable from other teeth. This immensely supports the individual’s self-esteem as well as the overall functioning of their mouth, by providing them with a complete and confident smile again.

By talking to a supportive, dedicated dental professional about the options that are available to them, patients are able to understand the implications and advantages of having this procedure done. With extremely high success and satisfaction rates, patients can rest assured they are doing the best they can for their smiles.