A Picture Perfect Smile in a Flash

Veneers in Birmingham offer patients the chance to have the smile that they have always dreamed of, without having to undergo several different and potentially lengthy procedures.

The results of this treatment continue to be staggering, where patients can easily have a picture perfect smile full of even, white teeth. This procedure can be offered to anyone who feels they would benefit and in particular can perfect and beautify teeth in a way that would otherwise be unachievable under other circumstances.

From minor cosmetic alterations to strengthening weakened tooth enamel, these treatments can greatly improve the self-esteem and overall oral health of an individual which ultimately is the purpose and goal of a dedicated and professional dentist.


What exactly is this treatment?

Otherwise known as dental porcelain laminates, they are a very durable yet very thin shell that is glued to the front surface of a patient’s teeth to improve the appearance of a smile. A smile makeover is a term coined for all of the visible teeth having these shells placed over the top and is commonly used in makeover reality TV shows or for a celebrity who has an immaculate smile.

In order to bond the shell to the teeth, a very thin layer of enamel needs to be taken away in order to roughen up the tooth for the cement to adhere properly. In most cases this has no negative impacts, however it is possible for tooth sensitivity to occur as a result of this.

Those individuals who have very thin enamel may find this, however this treatment is a successful solution to strengthening enamel that has become weakened due to excessive brushing or wear and tear.

How long does it take?

This is a very quick procedure, taking only a couple of sessions from consultation to a completed, successful smile enhancement. The initial consultation allows dentist and patient to discuss personal factors that are unique to the case. A dentist will explain the procedure in detail and allow any questions or concerns to be raised and allayed.

A patient is then able to choose the veneers they are interested in from a vast range of different sizes, shapes and colours. A dentist with their many years of experience can assist in this selection. It can be tempting to have immensely white teeth however on certain skin tones or due to other teeth that will not be covered, it sometimes looks too unrealistic to do this.


How long does it last?

It is important to understand that these shells do not last forever and can be chipped or broken just like a regular tooth. Certain bites can wear down these laminates faster than is expected, however with proper care, they should be able to last a patient for a decade or more.

This treatment is irreversible and this needs to be taken into account before a commitment is made. Patients will need to replace or repair a broken veneer quickly in order to maintain a level of oral health that is acceptable and beneficial for their well-being.