The Adverse Effects Of Divorce On Children’s Health

In the U.S.A, about 90% of people marry by the time they are 50 years of age. Unfortunately, 45% of couples divorce, and as per the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) reports, about 85% of divorcees remain resilient but the other 15% struggle substantially. Even though successful marriages do exist, divorces are common across the U.S.A. Such separations affect not only the parents but also the close family members. Children, in particular, can become adversely affected. Here is a view of the health effects that divorce has on children, and how to manage them.

Mental health

A report by David Popenoe of the National Survey of Children indicated that children associated with divorce showed a higher incidence of mental disorientation citing depression, aggressiveness, and hyperactive behavior. Besides, many studies show that if divorce occurs as the children reach their teenage years (age 12-15), they end up engaging in early sexual activities and substance abuse. Other mental developments include anger, depression, hostility, and anxiety. The good news is that just like seniors can recover from separation, children as well can. Guiding kids through divorce should be every parent’s responsibility.

Physical health

Children who experience parental divorce have higher chances of contracting illnesses such as asthma and various types of cancer that are related to drug abuse. According to researchers Kari Hemminki and Bowang Chen, kids of divorced parents have higher risks of alcohol and tobacco-related cancer. Despite the fact that certain types of cancer are manageable, the result of all terminal conditions is well known to all.

Reduced longevity

Children who have witnessed the divorce of parents have a higher risk of dying prematurely. A book by Howard Friedman revealed that divorce children died 5 years earlier on average than kids from healthy families. Another 8-decade study started and spearheaded by Dr.Lewis Terman in 1921 concluded that a child’s mortality risk increases when the parents separate before reaching age 4.

How to manage them

Parents who are planning to divorce should keep heated discussions and legal talks away from their kids. However, if the damage has already been inflicted, there are many ways to help them pull through. For instance, they should talk to the minors to make them understand everything. Therapy sessions also help to restore the mental health of the affected kids. In case of any illnesses, they should contact a doctor immediately.

Thousands of kids undergo the stress of parental divorce each year. They react differently depending on personality, age, and circumstances of separation. It is the role of parents to ensure that their children are not utterly affected by the divorce. Instead, these children should move on and happily adapt to their new living situation.