Are You Looking For An Alternative To Traditional Braces?

Being unhappy with the condition of your teeth is completely normal. The numbers of people that get Invisalign in Weybridge each year to correct the straightness of their teeth is only growing. An inventive way of moulding your teeth into the smile you have always wanted, it is something that needs to be considered, if you have had your reservations about opting for wearing a traditional brace.

Your teeth can make you self-conscious at the best of times. When you eat in public, smile for a photograph, and sometimes whilst having a proper conversation with someone, can make you feel insecure. Getting treatment sooner rather than later will not only have you smiling sooner, but it might prevent you from needing more dentistry work later in life.

Having these braces also has the potential to boost your oral hygiene. Having slightly wonky teeth can cause plaque to build up if you are unable to brush them properly. It is important to go for regular check-ups to your dentist, as they will be able to assess the condition of your teeth. Your practitioner will generally want to ensure that you have good oral hygiene before you undergo any straightening treatments.

What you need to know

If you have been holding back from getting braces for any reason, it is time to reconsider. This is an incredibly discreet brace that is easily removable. This means that you can pop it out if you need to eat in public and have the confidence of knowing that there is less chance of plaque build-up when you brush your teeth. It is still necessary to wear the brace for twenty-two hours of the day, but it gives you a little bit of flexibility.

You will get a new aligner every two weeks, and this is how you will gradually straighten your teeth. Each week they will move a little more and by the end of your treatment you will be able to see just how much your smile has transformed. The aligner itself will fit snugly around your teeth for complete comfort. It is completely clear, allowing you to maintain your confidence whilst wearing it, as it will be barely noticeable which may well be something you have been worried about.

How long you will need to wear your aligners for in total will vary from patient to patient. Some people with more complex tooth problems will be expected to need more custom-made aligners to help their teeth move, so will wear them for longer. Someone with straighter teeth initially will need fewer aligners, and their teeth will not take as long to move into the desired position.

Is Invisalign expensive?

Invisalign in Weybridge is not normally covered by the NHS and can be relatively costly. The cost of treatment will vary from patient to patient as they will be required for different amounts of time, and this will affect the number of custom aligners needed to be made. If cost is something that you are worried about, then discuss this with your practitioner. They will be able to inform you of any monthly pay schemes that are running in their practice, or any offers that are going on. Your dentist is there to support you throughout the whole process, as they want you to be smiling too.