How to Choose a Fertility Clinic


If you or your partner are worried that you may have fertility problems and you’re trying to conceive, a specialist clinic is perhaps what you need to help you on the route to parenthood.

It can be a very difficult decision to pick the right fertility clinic for your needs. There are many things to consider when choosing a clinic, such as the treatments they offer, the length of wait for treatment and what success rates they’ve previously had.

Below, read some helpful tips on how you can make the right decision:

Where to begin

It’s important to remember when you’re considering fertility treatment that every clinic has its differences.

Make a list of the clinics in your local area and take time to find out the information you require regarding the treatments they provide and any other concerns you have. It’s then time to narrow down your choices and get in touch with the ones which most closely match your needs.

After your first point of contact, whether over the phone or by email, pay a visit to the top two or three clinics on your shortlist and arrange a meeting with a consultant or consider attending open evening events.

You can gather a lot from this initial contact as how receptive staff are can make or break your decision when it comes to choosing which clinic is best for you.

Are their treatments right for you?

Arguably, the most important factor is finding which clinic has the right treatments for you and the standard at which they’re performed.

Whether it’s natural cycle or standard IVF that you’ve looked at, it’s important to find out which treatments your body is receptive to.

Other things to consider include, what other investigations each clinic can offer, in order to look into your fertility troubles – this could include things such as analysing sperm DNA or PGS.

Can you cover the cost?

There are numerous costs to consider when you’re undergoing fertility treatment, so you’ll need to look carefully at what each clinic on your shortlist offers.

These include the costs of consultations, the treatment, any required investigations.

However, in some cases some of these separate payments can be merged into one.

Once you get a list of costs from your desired clinics, find out which one best suits your budgeting requirements.

For example, Reproductive Health Group’s fertility clinic in Warrington is one service that shows all their prices for treatment online. This is handy as you can research whether certain clinics are out of your price range before making a visit.

What success rates do their patients receive?

The success rates for different clinics across the UK vary.

It’s important to remember however that IVF treatment, for example, carries a good average success rate for women under 35.

However, some clinics’ success rates can be affected by the age of patients they take on, so it’s wise to address this during your consultation.

How long is their waiting list?

Fertility treatment usually occurs after numerous attempts to conceive.

This can be a testing time for some couples, so their patience can be worn thin by the time they come to treatment.

To ensure you’re getting the best treatment regarding quality, costs and time, make sure to get in touch with a few different clinics when getting information and arranging your first consultation.