Choosing a dental practice that stands out

There are many options for an individual who is seeking a dentist in Glasgow, so it is important to take the time to look around and find a professional team who can offer an excellent service in a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

By understanding the needs and desires of their patients, oral health care professionals have redesigned the waiting room in the dental practice to mimic a more welcoming and satisfying atmosphere just like a coffee shop. Individuals can enjoy free tea and coffee as they wait for their scheduled consultation or appointment. Free WiFi and iPads are also available to all patients in an attempt to keep individuals entertained and comfortable as they wait their turn.

This is particularly beneficial to nervous patients who may find that they are extremely uncomfortable as they wait to see their oral health care provider. Often, with experienced professionals at hand, the actual consultation is never as bad as feared, it is generally the anticipation and build up that gets to those who are anxious.


What other factors are in play for a great patient experience?

It is important to be family friendly in this day and age, allowing patients of all ages to feel comfortable and relaxed in the dental chair. Also, in order to accommodate every patient’s schedule, weekend appointments for both Saturday and Sunday are available.

This enables busy families or professionals to have the oral health care that they need. It is easy to put off scheduling an appointment if it is disruptive to work or school hours.

Patients can also rest assured knowing that there is free parking, a feature that is often overlooked unless it isn’t available, starting the experience off as a negative, burdensome one.

What about medical card holders?

NHS patients and medical card holders are welcomed, as are private patients.  There are a vast range of treatments available and patients can rest assured that regardless of the care plan, they will be receiving the best possible care, and offered materials and treatment choices that best suit their personal situation.


Nothing to lose

By choosing a dental practice that has taken a lot of time to listen to, and to react to their patient’s wishes and needs, individuals here can enjoy a better experience when they come in for a dental treatment.

Whether it is a simple check-up, a more complex restorative procedure, or a cosmetic treatment, professionals have the technology, experience and training to be able to provide their patients with the best options and the best results.

By speaking with a dentist about the choices that are available to ensure a healthier smile and mouth, patients can be well informed and make the best possible decision for their future. There is nothing to lose, and a healthier, happier smile to gain.