Comparing Care at Home to Care Home Care

Many people when they get older will need some sort of care from another person in their day to day lives. It is a human part of getting older. When comparing care at home to care in care homes, there are many factors to consider.

What is the Difference?

Home help is when you have a trained professional either visit your home or live-in with you, depending on what you or your relatives decide.

They might help you with your meals, bathing and even just socialize with you and have a chat over a cup of tea. They can also get your shopping and spend time with you in the garden. Having help at home can be great for some people. Many people have home help before they move into a care home at a later stage.

Care homes have a variety of options, including daily care when you go back home in the evenings. This might suit someone who lives with relatives and therefore only needs professional help sometimes. You can also move and go to live in a care home full time.

Home Care Positives

Most people feel comfortable and secure in their own home and don’t want to move to an institution

You can tailor your care to suit you, eat when you want, buy the food you want and ask for specific care needs

You maintain a sense of independence. In a nationwide survey, it was found that elderly people living at home have fewer hospital visits than those in care homes. Also, it has been proven to be beneficial to dementia sufferers to stay home as they stay in their familiar surroundings

Home Care Drawbacks

It is difficult to vet the person you are letting into your home. They are often independent contractors that don’t go through the same rigorous processes that care home professionals do

You are still responsible for your home and garden’s maintenance, bills and upkeep. This can be a real struggle as you get older

You may find it difficult to use your home and have to change the setup. For example getting a stairlift, rails on the bath, or moving your bedroom downstairs

Care Home Positives

The Care Quality Commission is responsible for checking on care homes and staff and ensuring that they are all up to government-set standards of care. Staff are trained and always available if something goes wrong.

You might find that you get a lot more socialization in a care home as there are other residents to spend time with and the staff. They also have interesting facilities like the Clairmont Court care homes in Guildford which have a library, ensuite bathrooms and private dining options available.

Care Home Drawbacks

You might have enforcement of strict rules.

Some people find the change very difficult to cope with when they move into a care home. Similarly to moving home at any stage of life, settling into a new environment can take time and be stressful.

There are many things to consider when looking at the differences between care homes and home care. It is important to read up on. Hopefully, we have given you a good range of areas to think about that will help you come to your decision.