Could a dentist in Richmond be helping your smile?

Find your smile

During these testing and difficult times, it can be challenging to remember to smile. By approaching life with a smile – albeit mostly hidden under a facemask – your brain releases chemicals called serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. These combine, and can give you a feeling of elation and happiness.

That being said, there are a number of people up and down the country who struggle to smile in the face of life, because of one or more cosmetic dental problems standing in their way. Those who suffer from cosmetic dentistry concerns, such as stained or poorly coloured teeth, chips and breaks or large spaces, can often find themselves refraining from smiling out of embarrassment or fear of exposing their oral problems to the world.

Anyone who feels this way is fundamentally impeding on their own potential wellbeing and happiness – at a time when it is more crucial than ever. As such, those who feel that one or several cosmetic dental problems are impacting their daily lives should speak to their dentist Richmond about the cosmetic treatments which are available to them to get their smiles back.

Common cosmetic concerns

One of the most common cosmetic dental concerns which patients regularly voice to their local,  dentist, is having stained or discoloured teeth. There are numerous ways in which the enamel of your teeth can become less white or vibrant in colour, such as natural ageing, as well as lifestyle choices like smoking tobacco or drinking red wine. Having teeth which are stained or discoloured can have a negative impact on the self-confidence of a number of patients, but it is thankfully something which is easily treated through cosmetic whitening treatments.

Typically there are two forms of cosmetic whitening which are available to patients in Richmond. The first of which is called ‘in-practice whitening’ and achieves almost instantaneous results through the application of a peroxide-based bleaching gel to the patient’s enamel in the dental practice. The second option is ‘at-home whitening’ which initially involves the creation of a unique mould in the dentist chair, before patients are given the tools (including a bleaching-gel) they need to carry out their treatment at home over the course of two or more weeks.

Dental implant treatment

Another common concern which patients regularly have about the aesthetics of their smile emanates from having untreated spaces or gaps within their mouths where one or more teeth are missing. Whilst treatments such as dentures and bridges are most regularly sought out in such instances, these treatments are not without their shortcomings as they are not permanent and often cause discomfort over time as the patient’s natural existing teeth gradually shift out of place.

Dental implant treatment is one of the most effective cosmetic dentistry solutions for those who suffer from missing teeth or gaps within their mouths, as they offer a permanent solution which not only solves the problem on a cosmetic basis, but also on a structural one. This is done by surgically embedding a false-tooth root made from a titanium-alloy metal. In doing this, the implant will become fused permanently within the patient’s jaw and bone tissue, and therefore can be used as an anchor-point onto which a denture can be sturdily fixed. Anybody who is looking to replace or fill in a gap within their teeth ought to speak to their dentist about dental implants and arrange a consultation to determine whether or not they could help.