Discover what a quality dentist in Stevenage could be doing for your smile

Smile, no matter what life throws at you

With seemingly never ending twists and turns, restrictions, and social-distancing measures, it has been a turbulent year that has radically changed the face of the world we all live in. Whilst at times it may seem too much to take on, it is important that we all attempt to smile in the face of it, no matter what the world throws at us.

By choosing to put on a brave face throughout these trying times, we are all actively doing the best we can to make the world a bit brighter and happier. This being said, there continues to be a portion of the country who are unable to do this because they are embarrassed about the condition of their teeth or gums. Those who suffer from cosmetic problems often hide away their smiles – at a time when they are arguably most needed. This is why anyone who feels that the physical appearance or condition of their teeth is preventing them from smiling freely ought to contact a local, quality dentist Stevenage to get the best care they can and help restore their smile, inner confidence, and outward appearance.

What can a dentist do for me?

Many adults, when they consider dentistry, tend to consider it only within the parameters of responsive treatments – such as fillings or root-canal treatments – however, this is only scraping the surface of what a dentist can offer.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments have become some of the most popular treatment options for those who are looking to solve a problem that they have with the appearance of their teeth, such as the shade of their enamel, small gaps within teeth, chips, breaks, or empty spaces. One of the most popular of these treatments is cosmetic dental whitening. This is a procedure that can either be carried out within the dentist’s chair, at home or a combination of both. Cosmetic whitening is designed to brighten and whiten a patient’s teeth and remove any marks or stains, through the application of a specialised peroxide-based bleaching gel.

During in-practice whitening, through a system such as the Enlighten Whitening process, a custom made retainer is crafted of each patient’s unique dental shape. Into this retainer, a peroxide-based gel is placed, before being worn on top of the patient’s teeth. This gel begins to work almost immediately and clears away any discolouration, marks, stains, or yellowing which can be caused by several factors such as age, smoking, or dietary habits. The results of cosmetic whitening can often leave patients with a massively improved sense of self-confidence, as their teeth are visibly whiter and more impactful.

White fillings

Another popular form of cosmetic dentistry that can have an overall positive impact on self-esteem is to have white fillings. Dental fillings are a common, routine procedure that most adults will have to go through at least once. Traditional metal amalgam fillings, which are covered by the NHS, are made from a combination of metals such as zinc, tin and aluminium. Whilst these types of fillings are effective in their duties, they are often clearly visible within the patient’s mouth – particularly if they are on the lower set of teeth. White fillings are a cosmetic alternative constructed using a white composite filling material and as such blend in perfectly with the surrounding teeth, to the point that the filling becomes invisible. Anyone looking to get a filling which will not impede on the appearance of their smile ought to speak to a professional about cosmetic alternatives such as white fillings.