Fed up with paying dental fees? Keyways to reduce your families dental procedures (and costs!)

When you go for your bi-annual dentist check-up, you probably don’t want to leave with an unexpected bill.

Sadly, with modern-day life pushing people to work harder, eat more sugary foods and drink more coffee, more and more people are being handed bills from their dental team that could have been avoided

Of course, regular brushing of your teeth is important to keep your mouth healthy but is it enough? Many dentists say no and can offer you the following tips on how to keep the recurrence of your procedures which are dental at Coorparoo down.

Attend check-ups

This sounds like a no brainer but it is extremely important if you want to keep the cost of treatments down with dental near Coorparoo.

In dentistry, prevention is better than cure and so, even if your check-up involves a 5-minute scan of your mouth and no procedure, it is worth it to keep your mouth healthy.

Of course, with the current pandemic, it may not be feasible to attend check-ups at dental from Coorparoo, which is why the next steps are equally important.

Cut down sugar

This may sound simple but you may be surprised at how much sugar you consume on a daily basis.

If you haven’t been able to attend a dental check-up due to the ongoing social distancing rules, this is a key way to keep your teeth healthy. Cut down sugars, carbs and unnecessary sweeteners and be sure to give your teeth a quick brush each time you consume something that appeals to your sweet tooth.

Brush, floss and rinse!

In recent times, a lot more attention has been aimed at hygiene which is linked to the hands. But taking care of your teeth is just as important.

So, if you have been working long hours or have simply been forgetful, it is time to get back to that time tested regime of brush, floss and rinse!

Why not try interdental brushes if you aren’t keen on traditional flossing? It may also be a good idea to invest in a high fluoride toothpaste, which will protect your teeth against the formation of cavities. There is also a myriad of mouthwashes which can attack and break down bacteria, so you can keep your dental care in check at home.

You could also invest in an electric toothbrush for your family- simply get different coloured interchangeable heads for each family member to save on electric costs. Fantastic!

Quit smoking

Any dentist will tell you that smoking is one of the worst things that you can do to your teeth and gums.

Linked to everything from decay to gum recession, it floods your mouth with chemicals which can cause cancer and is detrimental to your general health too. If you want to reduce the incidence of gum disease and reduce your dental bills, try to kick the habit for good. In fact, your dental team may be able to help you.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.