How to Keep your Home Fire Safe

Fire has been both friend and foe to humanity since its discovery. Without it we wouldn’t have been able to evolve as we have, to become the developed people we are. But still it is a real danger in various environments, not least the home. Sadly house fires still kill, and it is because of this that we should make every effort to make our homes fire safe. But how exactly can we do that?

Choose effective alarms

Having an effective smoke alarm is an absolute must for every home. If you don’t have one currently then the first thing you should do after reading this is to invest in one. And this really is an investment, in your safety and the safety off your family.

There are smoke alarms available at various prices and with differing features. Make sure you choose an approved alarm and fit one in your kitchen others spread through your home – depending on its size.

Check smoke alarms

If you have smoke alarms then check them to make sure they are still working. Some alarms have batteries that will last for a few months; others that will last up to 10 years. But to be safe, you should check your alarms weekly, for peace of mind and fire safety.

Buy fire extinguishers

If a fire does start in your home it is safest to have some means of fighting it. This is why it is a good idea to buy fire extinguishers. Of course you shouldn’t try to tackle a large blaze, but if a small fire starts, for instance in the kitchen, a handy fire extinguisher could be the quickest and best way to deal with it. Remember that for different kinds of fire there are different fire extinguishers that are suitable for the job. Take a look at the extinguishers at UK Safety Store to find out more.

Have an escape plan

If you are faced with a fire in your home it is important to have an escape plan. Everyone should know at least two safe routes out of your home, so plan out how you would evacuate your property in case of fires in different parts of it. This is particularly important if you live in an apartment located above the ground floor. So make an escape plan and make sure everyone in your home knows it.