Make a Fresh Start – Self Help Tips for Overcoming Addiction

As any addict knows, an addiction can form a tight grip on an individual’s life – their thoughts, actions, emotions, decisions and relationships can be dictated by that addiction. After that all important first step of acknowledging and admitting an addiction and then doing the hard work to get the right help to achieve sobriety, remaining clean and sober can be a huge challenge as well.

Perhaps the other most important step towards remaining sober and clean after overcoming alcohol or substance addiction would be to opt for a sober community which helps by offering safe housing after a detox treatment. Plus these self help tips can help you make a fresh start to take charge of your life and steer it towards the goals that you set:

Be honest with people close to you

Admit to friends, family and co-workers that you’ve recently recovered and that you plan to stay that way. This way you will receive the understanding and support that you need for your continued recovery. Friends will not pressure you to drink at a party; they’ll understand and get temptation out of your way at office dos and similar situations.

Continue treatment

Get yourself a sponsor who will help you continue with an outpatient treatment program. Get involved in the local chapter of Alcoholic Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous or a similar support group to bolster your recovery.  Helping fellow addicts can also be tremendously rewarding and can help to consolidate your own recovery.

Recognize triggers

Are there certain social situations that tend to trigger addictive behaviors in you? Perhaps there are certain people who trigger this behavior? Life’s problems and stresses can and do trigger addictive behaviors because you have long used your addiction as a means of escape or comfort. You will now have to learn how to avoid those triggers or to manage them effectively if you cannot avoid them altogether.

Learn coping mechanisms

Reduce instances of stress in your life. Learn a relaxing activity, practice meditation or visualization, get into an exercise program or even engage in a new sport, hobby or healthy pastime to reduce stress in your life. When confronted with the inevitable problems of life, develop healthy responses to these stresses; responses that do not involve substance use.

Pick up the phone to speak to a sponsor or a trusted friend or head out for some physical activity. Remind yourself of all the reasons why you took the trouble to recover and get sober, engage in positive thinking and amend your usual habits and behaviors to transform them into healthier ones. You could ride it out, when the urge strikes you – distract yourself by listening to some music or watching a favorite movie, get stuck into some household chores or cleaning or head out and run some errands.

It is important to stay committed to your recovery and to follow through with that commitment. Understand that it is going to be far from easy, but that positive results in future will ultimately outweigh the difficulties you face at present.


About the Author

Sarika Periwal writes to promote natural health and fitness. To get help staying sober, visit a facility such as AFreshStartSoberLiving to be around trained professionals. Receive guidance and reclaim your life.