How to Make Your Home Dog-Friendly? Check These Easy Steps!

Taking care of dogs is not easy. However, for dog lovers like us, we do what is best to make our home comfortable with them. Try out these steps for a start

So, planning to bring home a dog? Let us help prepare you for a better and happy life ahead. It is a joy to expect a wonderful addition to the family. What shall we do to ensure harmony within our home?

In this article, we happily share some helpful tips on how to make your home dog-friendly. Read on and find some that may be applicable to you.


  1. What are the best fabrics to use in the house?

Of course, choosing fabrics like for your upholstery is crucial when you have a dog at home. You may start setting aside your linen and tweed types and replace them with velvet. Velvet material is not easily ripped by dog nails and fur does not stick that much. Dirt is easily visible so do not worry that much about those mud stains.

Velvet can easily be cleaned.


  1. It is time to be more stylish! Play with blankets to add more color at home. Throw blankets, coverlets, table runners, etc.

In a positive point of view, looking for a creative way to cover delicate upholstery, traces of dirt, or scattered hairs could bring out the creativity in you. A collection of these types of blankets may come in handy to cover the upholstery and prevent it from dirty paws and falling hairs. These multicolored materials camouflage stains so you may set aside your white covers from now on.

In addition, you can use these blankets to cover worn out sofas to make it look good once more. Have a colorful, fun and stress-free life!


  1. The Best Choice for House Flooring

If you want your floor to withstand constant running and scratching, you opt for a hard material. The harder it is, the more efficient it would be. Dogs are active pets. Especially if you own bigger breeds, the call for hardwood or tiles is a need. Hard wood does not easily warp.

However, though hard wood is sturdy, there is a tendency that it can still be scratched by dog nails. You may regularly trim your dog nails though, to minimize the possibility of scratches.

Have you ever thought of tiles? Tiles are hard enough and are scratch-free. It also serves as a cold spot for your dogs during summer.


  1. Installing add-ons to your home for safety and comfort.
  • Consider replacing your display rack where your collectibles are arranged with a closed Dogs can easily jump on them and it may fall and break.
  • Vacuum is a need if you own a dog. It comes handy especially if you own a large breed that sheds heavily. Grooming your dog weekly is advised. If you don’t want a tiresome way to clean up, buying a vacuum cleaner is practical.
  • For small dogs, it would be cute and helpful for them to buy or make short stairs to spots where they will have difficulty climbing. You may have fun building ramps to dangerous areas to avoid accidents.
  • Getting rid of dangling wires. Dogs especially puppies love to nibble anything that they see. Protect them from getting electrocuted. There are new ways to hide those wires.

Contact experts to fix it before bringing your puppy home. It will not only make your house neater but it is also a safety for your puppy but for your family as well


  1. Is Your Garden Safe?

If you are only considering indoors, it will not be enough. Unless you plan to keep your dog inside forever (which is not healthy after all), prepare your outdoors too.

  • Dogs are experts on escapes. You better secure your fences ahead of time. Dogs even know how to dig down just to let themselves out. Patch holes and strengthen those braces!
  • Keep your gardening tools in a safe place. Don’t let your dog play with them. Some gardening tools are sharp.
  • Get rid of poisonous plants. Dogs love to dig in and eat leaves. This holds true also for pesticides that may cause harm.

The truth is, having our lovely dogs means we can’t keep our house clean all the time. We have to accept that dogs can sometimes be messy with their dirty paws, naughty plays and shedding furs.

It is everyone’s dream to have a beautiful house for friends to see. But it is okay. The essence of life is to live a happy and contented life. If that means making your home a little bit messy, so be it. If that is what it takes to have an awesome whole family, for sure you will take it like me.


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