Making Extra Cash From Your Passion For Music

It’s a given that every family could do with a bit of extra cash. CNBC reported in late 2017 that 25% of Americans are currently working a side gig, showing the lucrative nature of side earnings. An avenue to extra money for any family with musical skills is through your favorite hobby. While it might not look like money could earn you much, going from the coins in a busker’s hat, a 2015 Time article found that buskers earn more than you think. More than that, there’s a wealth of opportunity to be found in other music-related areas.

Next time you make use of the shed as a practice room, or find yourself singing in the shower, consider if you have the equipment and ability to make a bit of extra cash whilst doing something you love.

Your state of equipment

Key to any side-gig as a musician is, of course, equipment. Even a singer needs a half-decent microphone and recording system to get stuff out and about on the internet or when in public. One of the most accessible and friendly music markets is the acoustic one; simply, one person using their voice and a quality model of acoustic guitar. This is an important thing to note; when playing in public, you’ll need a far bigger setup to play electric, especially in public but also in club and bar style settings.

If you’re looking to popularize yourself through the internet, you’ll need a good enough quality recording setup to make sure that you are crisp and clear. The basics of home production are fairly straightforward and don’t require a huge outlay – as for a camera, most smartphones have an excellent quality camera today. Even without a smartphone available, if you are able to keep still on camera the image quality should be acceptable.

Popularizing yourself online

There are a few key tricks you can employ to generate a buzz for yourself online. The good news is that the huge popularity of the internet means that potentially millions of people will be able to access your material easily. The downside is that there’s a huge volume of competition out there and you need to be wise to create a buzz.

Consider using your family to get involved in the process. This can make it a fun environment in which kids get involved, to. Think of some of the most viewed videos on YouTube, and they often involve happy families working together, like with the mega-famous “Charlie bit my finger”. Creating an online buzz can have a great knock on effect in your local community, too, as people become aware of your talents. Play local shows, join local groups on Facebook and other social circles to popularize your music and get a bit of a buzz doing.

Music is a great pastime that many people adore to listen to and get involved with. Even for an amateur or part-time musician, there’s real money to be made to help support your family, and you can even get them involved too. Don’t wait! Start your musical journey today.