Straight Teeth In a Matter of Months

Many patients wish that they could simply get your crooked or gapped smile sorted out without having to commit to all the extra bells and whistles that are not applicable to them

Many dentists have found that patients find it difficult to take time out of their busy working schedule to commit to all of the necessary dental appointments in order to obtain that smile that they have always dreamed of? Especially when the treatment can take two years or even longer.

Perhaps patients are hesitant to straighten your teeth as their professional image will not allow for traditional braces to be seen or worn. Even if it is for the greater good, the here and now is very important for any individual’s career and they simply cannot sacrifice everything for a goal to be achieved in a few years.

Or even, simply, almost half of UK adults are afraid of the dentist to some degree, so if there is another option out there, they are willing to look into it.

Clear Braces Direct in London can address all of these concerns that a patient has and more by introducing an effective streamlined process to straightening teeth.

It works with the busy working lifestyle of the average adult and allows their patients to see the results they are seeking without needing to attend multiple dental visits. A simple scan and the rest can be completed in the comfort of their own homes.

By eliminating the need for constant checkups, patients can benefit from a reduced cost as well, whilst enjoying the continua support that is always available through apps and online.


How does it work?

This treatment is best for those people who have mild to moderate contortions or misalignments for their teeth which does not need to continual examination and guidance from a professional. By taking the free eligibility test online, patients can see for themselves quickly whether they can look into this option further.

Should the eligibility test declare that they may well be suitable, then they are invited to attend a dental practice to have a scan. This scan gives dentists and laboratorians all the information that they need in order to digitally create a process in which to straighten their teeth once and for all.

Results and a proposed treatment plan is sent to the patient in the post, giving them the freedom to look through the findings and what they can expect should they commit to the plan at their own leisure. Should they agree with the treatment, then they can expect their first sets of aligners to be delivered to them in due course.

Aligners are clear, plastic trays that fit over teeth and once worn can hardly be seen when a person smiles. They need to be worn for a minimum of 20 hours a day for 2 weeks before moving on to the next set of aligners.

After several months, results can begin to be seen and patients can enjoy the journey towards a healthier, happier and more beautiful smile.