Straightening teeth at home

Ever wanted to enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful, straightened smile all in the comfort of your own home? Dentists understand that many people experience dental fear, and those who have misaligned teeth may have unhealthier smiles, which may cause them to be embarrassed about them, further compounding the issue.

The sole focus of a dentist is to offer oral health care to their patients. If they are able to offer this remotely, then they will jump at the chance. It is important that a patient visits a dentist once or twice a year to keep teeth looking and feeling healthy, but if straightening teeth in the comfort of your own home can improve confidence in your smile and the health of your teeth, then this is a great option to consider as well.

Working professionals may find that they cannot take the necessary time off work to constantly come in and have their braces tightened, meaning that this option is not suitable for their lifestyle. The experience can become daunting and people simply begin to put off this very important step in improving oral health. Whatever the reason is, many people are drawn to the idea of straightening teeth in the comfort of their own home and this can be done with Clear Braces Direct in London.


How does the system work?

It is very straightforward and proven to work should patients follow the steps correctly. They are welcome to ask questions at any stage throughout the course of treatment and they can be supported by the 24/7 help and advice that can be found online. By patients sending photos through of their progress, dentists are able to monitor from afar how the treatment is going and either dentist or patient can opt for a face to face consultation if they wish.

It all begins with the free Invisalign scan, that determines whether a patient is suitable for this style of treatment or not. If it is found they are unfortunately not suitable, this is not a problem. Patients can be referred to speak with a dentist about their other options, so that they do not feel helpless about their dental condition.

However, many people who have mild to moderate misalignments of their teeth are suitable and can move on to the next phase of the treatment plan.

Results of the scan are sent to the patient’s home with all of the information necessary to make an informed decision as to whether straightening teeth at home will be suitable for them. This includes a breakdown of costs, the expected time frame of the treatment and other features that may be needed for that person’s individual journey.

If they agree, then payment is made and the aligners are sent to the patient’s door. They then simply follow the instructed steps on when to use the next aligner and for how long and after several months, they should be enjoying their new smile.

It really is as simple as that. After the treatment has finished, a retainer should be worn to maintain the investment in time and money that the patient has put in and they can enjoy their new, straighter smile for life.