How to teach kids electrical safety

As technology continues to develop, and we own more and more appliances and devices, our dependence on electricity grows. With so many electrical products in the average household, it is essential that our kids understand the dangers of electricity from an early age.

There are a large number of electrical accidents every year in the UK, which can range from minor shocks to much more serious injuries, and even household fires. Fortunately, most of these accidents are easily preventable by teaching our kids the basics of electrical safety.


Be careful with plug sockets

For young children who are at their most curious and adventurous, plug sockets are a big potential danger. From an early age, kids need to be told not to poke their fingers or other objects into plug sockets with clear and easy instructions.

Parents can do their bit to reduce this risk by securing unused wall sockets where possible. Plastic inserts are a cheap option, although kids can still pull them out, making them potential choking hazards.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other safety plugs on the market, and even using electrical tape to cover sockets is an option. You could also try arranging furniture so that it blocks plug sockets too, even the most curious child is probably not going to be able to shift a sofa!


Don’t mix electricity with water

An essential and straightforward lesson in electrical safety for kids is to avoid mixing water and electricity. As mobile devices become more and more prominent, children need to learn where and when they can use their electrical equipment safely.

A nice, simple rule for kids to remember is to never use anything with a plug around water. Remember, you don’t have to be graphic with the details, and children respond to simple and concise instructions.

In addition to rules around electrical equipment, kids should also be told not to touch light switches with wet hands. Make sure your children dry their hands thoroughly after washing until it becomes habit!


Electricity outside of the house

While electrical safety is important around the home, there are a few risks outdoors as well that children should be aware of. If your kid is a good climber, you need to make sure they stick to trees, and avoid climbing on power poles.

Children should also be warned as to the dangers of power lines, particularly if you live in an area with high winds. Fallen power lines are a risk, while flying a kite should be in a nice open area and away from overhead lines.

If you live in an urban area, you may have transformer boxes or other public electrical works around your home. If so, then your children should also be taught to obey warning signs, and to be extra careful where they play.

Teaching our kids about electrical safety is important in our increasingly electricity-fueled world, and following a few easy steps to teach children the basics goes a long way.