The New Patient’s Journey

It is critical for every new patient to the dentist in W1 to feel welcomed to the dental practice in order to begin a positive journey towards a healthier smile, whatever their reason for being there.

Every patient has their own unique set of needs, desires, fears and concerns that need to be listened to, respected and responded to accordingly, in order for that patient to know that they are receiving the right kind of treatment for their oral health.

By having a professional team who are non-judgemental, dedicated and concerned about every patient’s oral health, self-esteem and anxieties, the experience can be a more relaxing and positive one. Dental fear is a very real experience and by giving patients tools to help them to cope with their anxieties, oral health care professionals allow their patients to deal with their fear in their own way and in their own time.

There are many reasons as to why a patient has chosen to move to a new practice. They should ensure a good beginning by asking around, checking reviews and making sure the establishment feels right for them. Perhaps they have moved because of studies or work and need to establish a new relationship with a dentist who can understand their smile and help them on the journey to keeping it clean, fresh and healthy.

Perhaps it has been several years since a dental visit for others and they are extremely embarrassed or nervous about the condition that their teeth and gums are in. Every compassionate dentist will be welcoming to a new patient and will focus on the here and now. There will be no judgement of past errors or the patient’s hesitation to come sooner.

What will happen at the initial consultation?


Information needs to be gathered and the initial consultation is a chance for the oral health care professional to glean as much as they possibly can about the overall health and well-being of their patients. They will take the time to speak with their patients and get to know them a little better. Their hopes and desires for their oral health will be considered as will their lifestyle, their habits and their willingness to make changes.

Medical and oral health history is very important as the body is intimately connected, meaning that certain health conditions can be affected by, or will affect oral health. This is why it is important not to leave any stone unturned. By speaking openly and honestly with their dentist, a greater understanding of the patient’s situation can be understood and in turn, this can allow for better care to be provided.

Scans and X-rays may be needed for a full examination of the mouth to take place. An external and internal examination will be carried out to ensure that the entire mouth is healthy and free from disease.

Towards the end of this initial consultation, a discussion can be had about what future treatment plans can be made in order to align the patient’s oral health and smile goals to reality. If there is a need for any kind of restorative treatments to take place, then recommendations will be based on this for the patient to consider.