The Pros and Cons of having Invisalign

Have you heard of Invisalign? Well if you have, you will know that Invisalign in Clapham is a popular form of orthodontic treatment which uses clear aligners to correct teeth that are either crooked or crowded, as well as being able to close gaps and correct a patient’s bite. With all orthodontic treatments, there are many benefits and disadvantages in having this dental treatment so if you are considering Invisalign, it is important to know as much information as possible about Invisalign before going ahead with the treatment.


The benefits of having Invisalign

If you decide to have Invisalign one of the most obvious benefits is that they are clear aligners, which makes them a discreet option when straightening your teeth and popular with adult patients who are looking for an alternative to traditional metal braces and do not want others to know they are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Another benefit of Invisalign is that they are removable braces, unlike other teeth straightening options such as traditional metal braces which are fixed. This means that an individual can remove their aligners to eat and drink foods normally without worrying about food being stuck in the braces which can happen with fixed braces. You are also able to maintain a good oral care regime as you are able to brush and floss your teeth in between meals.

Compared to conventional braces such as traditional metal braces, Invisalign aligners are considered to be more comfortable as the aligners shift your teeth gradually into the desired position. They are also considered to be less painful and treatment time can be slightly quicker when compared with conventional braces. The plastic the aligners are made out of means the aligners are not only smooth but flexible, which means there is less chance of the aligners irritating your lips or cheeks.

Invisalign is also an ideal dental treatment for those who have issues with their bite. Invisalign successfully corrects bite issues such as open bites, underbites and crossbites. Failure to correct bites can cause a wide range of issues including having a painful jaw, experiencing pain whilst chewing and the development of a speech impairment.


The disadvantages of Invisalign

If you decide to have Invisalign treatment, you will be required to wear them for at least 22 hours a day to ensure that they work effectively. Although many adult patients see this as a benefit as it stops them from snacking often, it can also be considered a hassle to remove the aligners every time you want to eat, especially during work. This also means that you have to remain disciplined throughout the treatment and ensure that you wear them for the recommended amount of hours. For those who find it difficult to wear their aligners as instructed they may experience some pain and discomfort and by not wearing the aligners for the recommended time will mean that your treatment may take longer. Invisalign is also considered to be more costly when compared to conventional braces however with all these benefits the cost is a minor issue.