The quest for positive dental appearance to make a favourable impression

The efficacy of Dental Implants Windsor to restore lost teeth or improve dental aesthetics is a significant driver to its popularity as a highly reliable dental treatment. A good dental appearance serves one in many desirable ways, some of which may be quite surprising.  Individuals with a favourable dental appearance made evident by straight bright teeth are considered more likely to be successful in life and judged more positively by others. Research seems to concur; according to an investigation carried out by YouGov for the British Dental Association (BDA), 62 percent of 2,028 adults polled thought that poor oral health such as decayed teeth placed prospective job seekers in a negative light. Six in ten respondents were of the opinion that those with noticeably poor looking teeth or had teeth missing would find their dental appearance a hindrance in securing a role. Such conclusions draw attention to the fact that an aesthetically pleasing smile has benefits that extends those of enhancing one’s appearance in selfies.

How a flawless smile creates more life-enriching opportunities


A perfectly aligned smile carries with it the weight of making the best impression on others especially when the stakes are high. Individuals seeking to perfect their dental appearance do so in the desire to benefit from a boost in confidence and see that confidence reach into every sphere of their lives. Showing off a pleasing dental appearance increases one’s chance of being judged intelligent, seen as popular and of a higher social standing.

Reaching the pinnacles of success is not the only motivating factor, looking good allows an individual to be ‘seen’ in society. One is deemed to possess more favourable personality traits that range from seen as more honest, friendlier and approachable, and kind.

In social interaction situations, there is no downplaying the importance first impressions make. A critical factor in creating positive first impressions is the smile and tooth appearance is a major element in determining a pleasing infectious smile.

Individuals are more likely to be judged in a negative light – the more serious the dental fluorosis, the harsher the judgement. This judgement extends all societal settings, be it at a party, in the boardroom or courtroom. While it is quite normal to believe a conventionally attractive person to stand a better chance of finding a mate, it has been found that even good looking defendants are likely to be dealt with in a relatively fair manner than those deemed unattractive.

The perks to looking good extends to include:

Enjoying good oral health – it takes effort and dedication to keep teeth and gums happy and healthy.

The probability of making more money with raised confidence levels as individuals are more willing to take the leap and embrace opportunities.

Investing in quality dental care as offered by Old Windsor dental clinic allows one to capitalise in more ways in addition to securing good dental health. Reap the rewards of confidence whether it be in a professional or social capacity and arrange for a professional consultation with a dedicated experienced dental practitioner.