Is a virtual reality experience for you?

Life can sometimes lack a bit of excitement. With the mundane mountain of chores to do, the 9-5 job and doing the supermarket run, who could blame you for wanting a bit more fun in your precious spare time? But, have you ever wished you were in another world? Have you ever wanted to feel the adrenaline rush of being a part of something that might not be real, but feels as though it is?

Most people have heard something of virtual reality, but a virtual reality experience in London is taking people to new places entirely. With the aid of headsets, backpacks and guns, people are now able to go to new worlds and take part in teams fighting against evil. This is cinematic game play at its best; with players in the game itself, actively contributing to the action in real time.


What is virtual reality?

In a nutshell, virtual reality simply means experiencing an emulated world that isn’t really there. As humans, we work with our senses of taste, touch, hearing, and smell. The three-dimensional, computer generated world that you go into appeals to what we can hear and see, enabling you to really feel a part of the environment. Within this world, you also have the ability to affect it with your actions. So, if you were being shot at by an enemy, for example, you could fire back and destroy them!

Virtual reality has been used for training purposes, where it is too dangerous to do the training in reality. People training, such as fighter pilots or trainee surgeons, have found virtual reality of great benefit. Now the entertainment industry is finding affordable ways to bring virtual reality to the masses. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with family and friends immersed in a world that excites, thrills and unites for an hour?


When did virtual reality start to happen?

The latest wave of virtual reality technology began in 2010. With lots of options for headsets at home, gaming was taken to a new level. Now in 2020, people can visit virtual reality gaming zones, where they can take part in what is arguably the height of sophistication in this technology. People are trained on the use of the equipment and given the choice of worlds to enter, all within a tidy 90 minutes. As a lifestyle choice this is definitely an exciting way to entertain everybody, from families and friends to corporate away days. What is more, you have the space to roam in your designated play area at a fraction of the price compared with buying your own kit for yourself and your team!

Anything else I need to know?

If you decide to visit a virtual reality experience, you may find there is a minimum age of 13 for players, and players aged between 13 and 17 may also need to be accompanied by an adult. Venues normally offer refreshments and a relaxation area so that you can fuel up before or after saving the world! And, be warned, once you’ve played you’ll be looking for the next apocalypse straight away, so make sure you order dessert too!