Want a highly ranked online position for your dental practice? 5 advantages of SEO

A beautiful, well laid out informative website is worth nothing unless it is easy to find.

And when it comes to dental based websites, your surgery will both want and need your website to be easy to find! Why? Because a dental website for any surgery is a key way to not only advertising what you and your team have to offer potential patients, but it also offers the chance to turn those website visitors into real-life patients.

So, with that in mind, how does a dental surgery whose key focus is on patient care ensure that their website ticks all of these boxes? By hiring a marketing team who specializes in dental SEO of course!

SEO stands for search engine optimization and, with the correct tweaking and care, a marketing team who have experience of dental SEO can turn your website into a unique selling point, with informative articles and descriptive pieces on your team and what you have to offer. Perfect!

But what are the other advantages of dental SEO for your surgery?

Correct exposure

Online advertising is fine, but more often than not it can target the wrong people.

With SEO, a marketing team can ensure that your website is advertised to the right people, based on locations and keywords.

For instance, if your surgery is based in East London and someone is searching for an emergency dentist in East London, putting your surgery at the top of the search results creates the correct exposure and increases the chance of your surgery receiving a phone call.


Improved online presence

The majority of people use the internet and having an online presence backed by SEO is important for optimum success.

Your marketing team will aim to not only improve your initial surgery page but will expand into other areas such as social media and video platforms like YouTube, casting a wider net and attracting more potential patients.


Easier to find

With well-managed SEO, your website will be easier to find for patients and, in times of epidemics and social distancing, it will allow patients to contact you without having to leave their homes.

If you are able to offer online consultations for dental patients and continue to update the blog and video on your page, even better, as this will create an almost virtual presence that patients will find easy to interface with.


Higher conversion rate

When a patient needs an emergency appointment and your surgery appears at the top of a Google search (thanks to keywords and location identification), it is more likely that your surgery will be contacted.

SEO offers surgeries a high conversion rate from website visitors to real-life patients. With the average stay of a dental patient being from 3-10 years, SEO is needed for your surgeries growth.



If you are listed on page 1 of Google, your page has a 92% chance of being clicked on. More clicks leads to more patients, which is only really obtainable with a knowledgeable marketing team.



Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.