What are veneers?

Veneers are an excellent treatment available to patients to improve the appearance of their smile. This treatment can help to improve the look of worn or chipped teeth, or teeth that are irregularly shaped and heavily filled. The procedure is designed to give a patient’s smile uniformity and pristine evenness, it has the capacity to completely transform a person’s visage. Everyone should have a smile that they are comfortable with and the treatment is often the way to help a number of patients with this dream. This article will run through which patients could benefit from this treatment, the process for fitting the porcelain shells and the numerous advantages of having veneers.

Why would I need veneers?

Veneers in Liverpool can help alter the appearance of the teeth for the better, helping to improve the look of a patient’s smile. As previously stated, this treatment is designed to benefit patients who have worn or chipped teeth, or teeth that are irregularly shaped and heavily filled. The shells of porcelain that make up this process are custom-made and bonded to the tooth surface to improve the look of the smile. Providing a patient takes care of the new finish on their teeth by keeping up with regular dental appointments, as well as maintaining good hygiene practice, the finish can last a very long time. This long-lasting treatment could be a good choice for patients who want a long-term correction to their smile.

What is the process for fitting veneers?

A thin layer of enamel is first removed from the front surface of the tooth or teeth. This creates space for the shells and helps the bonding process. A thin amount of adhesive which is specially provided for dental practices is then added to the teeth for the veneers to be mounted on to. The veneers are especially designed in order to fit the shape of each individual patient’s teeth. As they are perfectly matched to the contours, shape and shade of the patient’s dental presentation they give the patient the very best results.This process can take a couple of visits to the practice. Some patients find that they do not have to have enamel removed from the tooth surface, it very much depends on the needs of the individual clients.

What are the benefits of veneers?

This treatment can offer patients numerous different benefits to their overall dental health, as well as helping patients smile without inhibition for fear of how their teeth look. This treatment has been designed and tested to be very strong and fit for purpose, so it means that patients can have confidence in the new veneers on their teeth. The procedure itself often involves a minimal amount of tooth reduction, so it is a very accessible treatment for all patients. The finished product looks very natural so this can benefit a patient and how they feel about their smile greatly. Patients can not only benefit from a healthy and natural looking smile, but also a smile that is stronger and more durable. Many patients have reported being happy with the outcome of this treatment, the team members who take patients through this treatment have been trained to a high standard and can yield excellent results.