Who can benefit from a wheelchair upgrade?

There are several situations when having a heavy wheelchair could worsen the condition of a person and lead to numerous complications and problems for the user. By taking advantage of the benefits that a lightweight wheelchair has to offer, these people are able to get back a freedom of movement that they may have thought was no longer possible.

A huge group of people who would find that these models of chairs are more beneficial to them would surely be the elderly. Senior citizens still love to enjoy quality of life, but with ageing comes illness and complications, which can mean that getting around like one used to can get difficult.

By providing those a little older with a wheelchair that is foldable, portable and convenient, they do not need to feel tied to a cumbersome chair. They are free to get up and walk around when they wish to. They do not need to avoid going anywhere as the chair can be folded away and stored in the boot of a car for convenience when it is needed.

By allowing a person to choose when they need the assistance of a chair rather than forcing the issue, they are able to exercise when they wish, rest when they need to and stay healthy.


What other benefits are there with these models?

As they are not heavy to handle, many users find that they have greater control over these wheelchairs meaning they can travel longer distances and manoeuvre in places that previously they might have thought twice about doing. A great opportunity for people who want to keep an active lifestyle, but are temporarily unable to, due to illness or injury, these chairs are a welcome addition to a normal life.

With the chair’s ability to be customised to a degree, people who have specific considerations or desires regarding the shape, style, height and width of their chair can get a model built specifically for them,

By simply discussing their desires with a retailer or a healthcare professional, customers can be pointed in the right direction and assisted every step of the way in customising their own wheelchair that is perfect for them.

Some people find that these chairs even though they are light, are manual and therefore can be tiring to move around all of the time. In these instances, it might be necessary for a person to have two wheelchairs for different occasions and terrains.


A lighter model is great for around the home or for quick trips to the shops. However, a heavier model that is designed more for sturdiness and with additional comfort can be used for longer excursions.

It is great to have a model in place that provides customers with an opportunity to quickly hop in and out of a chair. This maintains their independence and freedom as they do not need assistance to lift the chair or to store it away.

By customising some parts of the chairs to suit each potential user, adjustments to comfort, handling, and shape can make each wheelchair specifically adapted for every individual.