5 Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Sprucing up the home decor from time to time is a good way to keep your home looking like new. On the other hand, these decorating ideas can be rather expensive. Most people tend to leave home decor alone until they have a larger budget, but you don’t have to do that. If you’re smart about the decorating ideas, you can easily give your home a mini-makeover while ensuring that you stay within the given budget.

By being thrifty and thinking out of the box, you can swap the expensive decor with the expensive-looking yet budget friendly decor. Usually, paint is cheaper than wallpaper, but not when you’re considering changing the decor from time to time. One smart thing you can do is try and get wallpapers online in Australia.

Apart from this, the following are a few more home decorating ideas that you can try when you are on a budget.

1. Make an Accent Wall

An accent wall can be a crucial piece for any room. It creates a focal point and adds a new dimension to a room. While you can opt for a graffiti wall, the best option is to use brick wallpaper or marble wallpaper. This gives you an accent wall, and you don’t have to worry about it becoming a permanent fixture. If you are not a fan of brick wallpaper or marble, you don’t have to opt for it.


You can easily explore more options for wallpapers online in Australia. Additionally, it allows you to have an accent wall that is flexible. You can change it up as needed whenever you feel like it. This flexibility makes wallpaper a better choice than paint. Depending on the kind of paint, you also tend to spend more time to remove it, prep the surface and reapply. Wallpaper is better at covering up imperfections in the walls, is more resilient than paint and doesn’t always need a primer for a good finish.

2. Spruce Up Your Countertops

A good way to make your kitchen look amazing is by having new countertops, but this can be an expensive endeavour. A good, budget friendly option is to use marble texture wallpaper, cut it to size and adhere it to your countertops. The end result is amazing since it will look just like a regular, marble countertop. The best part is that you can even use this method for your kitchen table, coffee table or other pieces of furniture.


For a more realistic look, you can opt for marble wallpaper that has a sheen as its finish. This mimics the natural shiny nature of a marble top counter. An added bonus here is that you can easily find the best marble wallpapers online in Australia. You can pick and choose from different colours, marble patterns and also stay within your given budget.

3. Freshen Up the Room

It’s a good idea to freshen up the room by adding or removing decor pieces in order to change the way the room looks and feels. If your sofas are too bare, consider adding a throw on top. Wash or change the curtains and add accessories that complement the walls or the sofas. Also, pay attention to the decor pieces you are using in the room. These can incorporate a colour theme or complement the walls.

This is very important when you’re adding an accent wall with brick effect wallpaper or marble wallpaper. Pick the colours or the type of decor items that complement the accent wall. This ensures that the accent wall blends in more seamlessly into the room and doesn’t turn into an eyesore. With the help of the decor, you can make any room look like it has a theme or is artfully decorated. From the cushions to the countertops, curtains, tables and more, you can make any room look more cohesive.

4. Plants Add Colour

Always make sure that you add a few indoor house plants. These add some much-needed colour, and if you are using brick wallpaper or marble wallpaper, plants can add some contrast. In fact, if chosen properly, you can add a very light and airy look in your home. When you’re adding plants, make sure you pay attention to the pots and holders you are using. While clay pots are practical, they can be rather ugly to look at.


A very helpful option here is to use leftover marble or brick wallpaper to cover the pots. In this way, you get to add them to the theme of the room, make their pots look lovely and also turn them into pieces of decor for your house. Additionally, if you have no pieces leftover, don’t worry. You can easily order some more wallpaper online in Australia. This will still be more budget friendly than buying a marble pot for your plants.

5. Refurbish Some Old Furniture

Sometimes, the furniture might be the one contributing to the old or dated look of the room. While many people tend to throw it out and replace it later, it is a better option to refurbish it. Refurbish your old coffee table and make it look just as new. You can also add some marble or brick wallpaper, top it up with some varnish and sand it a bit to give it a fine and refined finish with ease.

This is more budget friendly, and also gives you a great piece of furniture for your home. The best part is that you have a lot of options for wallpaper online in Australia. These options are not only diverse in looks and applications but are also perfect for any given budget. Additionally, you can also buy old furniture from others and refurbish it to make it look as good as new.

With the help of these 5 home decor ideas, you can easily spruce up your home and have it looking as good as new while staying within your budget.