A Range Of Treatment Plans To Get On The Straight And Narrow

Having a healthy smile is more than just making sure teeth are brushed daily and checked over every so often by a dentist. When a person has crooked or cramped teeth, there are a whole range of negative complications that can arise because of them.

Due to patients not being able to access every part of each tooth as some are overlapping or crossing, food can get trapped in these places and cause bad breath, plaque build-up and decay. This can lead to a host of other complications if not professionally dealt with on a regular basis.

Should the concern be serious enough, patients may present with a misaligned bite, which needs to be dealt with so that the patient is able to speak, eat and chew correctly. They can experience severe pain in their jaw, wear down their teeth and have trouble eating if their bite is not aligned correctly.

By taking a look at the options of invisible braces in Clapham, patients can see what different treatments are available to them in order to allow them to have a healthier mouth. There are many different devices available and their dentist will provide them with the advantages and disadvantages of each option so that they can make the best decision for themselves.

Innovative technology has allowed for dentists to be able to provide their patients with a range of discreet and comfortable devices that they can use to quickly and effectively straighten their teeth and perfect their smile.

What are some of these devices available?


It all really depends on the condition of a person’s mouth as to what options will be available to them. A vast array of different designs has been created to specifically target common issues that people are presented with.

Traditional methods are still used frequently for people who have complex issues as dentists are given the control by manipulating teeth with the use of wires and brackets. Newer methods for discreet considerations have been put in place that allow for tooth coloured brackets and wires or the placement of them to be behind teeth so that they are not seen when a patient smiles.

Other kinds of devices that are frequently used are removable. These are limited to the kinds of conditions that they can treat but are perfect for minor misalignments in both teenagers and adults.

These removable and clear aligners need to be worn for more than 20 hours a day to be effective but can be taken out for eating which means that patients do not have to alter their lifestyle habits in order to receive the treatment. They simply need to brush their teeth before replacing the aligners in their mouth so that food does not get stuck on their teeth causing decay issues or bad breath. Food is usually washed away when drinking but cannot be when a person has trapped the food under the aligner.

Whatever option a patient chooses, the discreet options that are available appeal to both teenagers and adults alike. Now they can comfortably straighten their teeth without having to let everyone else know they are doing it as well.