Choosing Dental Implants in St. Johns Wood; The Benefits

If you are the kind of person who constantly worries about how your smile will look in photographs due to gaps, you may have thought about getting cosmetic work to improve your smile and confidence.

Oral implants are not a new concept, but due to increase in demand, they are becoming less expensive, with many dental surgeries now offering them to their patients.

As well as improving cosmetic appearance, implants can also help you correct other issues in your mouth which you may have due to loss of teeth.

Hundreds of patients are opting for implants each month across the UK, but the benefits are far more than aesthetic appearance.

Improved bite

One of the key issues with tooth loss is issues related to bite.

If you are missing teeth at the front of your mouth, you will be unable to grip food correctly. While this may not be an issue for softer foods, it prevents you from eating things like apples.

Also, if you are missing a few teeth at the front of your mouth, you may find that food frequently becomes stuck between teeth because of the gap- this can lead to a build-up of bacteria occurring which in turn, can cause issues like gum disease and gingivitis.

As dental implants are fitted to your jaw line with screws, they are completely secure, allowing you to eat all the foods you want without worrying about movement occurring.

Prevents bone loss

When your mouth is full of teeth, all your jawline is being used to help your teeth stay in place and remain healthy.

But when you lose a tooth or multiple teeth, that portion of your jawline is no longer being used and can shrink down, which causes bone loss in that area; when we don’t use a muscle, it wears away and the same is true for bones.

When implants are fitted, they promote the jawbone to regrow if it has shrunken away. This improves the appearance of your face as well, as you will no longer have a ‘shrunken’ look under your cheekbones.


As obvious as it sounds, most people have had to go to their dentist because a filling has fallen out and needs to be replaced.

With oral implants, once they are fitted, they will never require replacing and will act just as well as your natural teeth, if not better.


Everyone in Hollywood has a similar smile; talk about boring. When oral implants are fitted, your mouth is measured and if you have any remaining teeth, the implants are matched perfectly to shape, size and colour, allowing them to fit in with your other teeth perfectly.

Choosing to undergo implants is a big step for most people. When searching for a dentist to perform the procedure, make sure they have experience and are happy to answer any questions you have.

After all it is your smile- you want it to gleam!