A vast range of options available

By choosing a dental practice that goes above and beyond the traditional options, patients can benefit from having the choice of some lesser known teeth straightening options, that might be better suited to their personal situation.

Orthodontics in Weybridge treats each individual in a bespoke manner, and looks at a combination of factors and considerations to help their patient come to the right decision as to how best to move forward and adjust their teeth and jaw in the right way, for the best looking and feeling results.

Treatment, for both issues earlier in life as well as for adults, is provided and can be performed with the use of surgery, fixed devices, removable devices or a combination of everything. Because each mouth is different, because needs and issues change with age and because everyone has their own lifestyle choices and expectations, no two treatments should ever be alike, but should create a truly bespoke oral health care experience.


What are some of the treatments available?

The treatments that may be used can include Clarity, Damon, functional appliances, Gemini, Incognito, Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, wire bonded aligners and many more. There are options that are well known and popular amongst individuals and some that are not often heard of.

However, the results remain the same. Dentists are looking to create beautiful, healthier smiles for their patients that meet their expectations in time frame, cost and comfort. By speaking honestly and openly with their oral health care professionals, patients are able to align their goals with the reality of their personal situation, so that they can get the results they are looking for.


What age should treatment begin?

Most children should be expected to have an appointment with a dentist purely to check the alignment of their teeth and jaw when they are about 7 years old. At this stage of their physical development, dentists are able to determine how their jaw is expected to grow and if there is any need for alignment treatment to commence.

Ideally, aligning the jaw and teeth should be done when all of their adult teeth have come in, but before their jaw sets in adulthood for the best and fastest results. If there is a strong degree of complexity in dental presentation, earlier treatment can happen. It really depends on the personal situation and what the professional deems to be the exemplary course of action for the best possible results.

Many adults are coming through these days looking for teeth straightening treatment and this is certainly an option. Just because their bones have set, this does not mean that their teeth straightening journey will not be as effective, it simply means it may take a little longer.

In most situations, a retainer will need to be worn to maintain the placement of the mouth and teeth after the braces have been removed. This ensures that the ligaments can relax into their new position and not snap back into the previous alignment as they naturally are inclined to do.

Again, a dentist will happily communicate anything that needs to be explained with their patient, so that they are well informed about their personal situation before, during and after their teeth straightening journey.