Positive effects beyond softening lines and wrinkles

With Botox in Kent, you can benefit from a whole lot more advantages than just reducing the appearance of fine lines, frown lines, wrinkles and an aged appearance. That is because the botulinum toxin is used in many other ways to alleviate conditions and concerns.

When used on the face, this treatment can be implemented to reduce the instances of recurring headaches and migraines, as well as for cosmetic purposes. Certain eye disorders can also be treated, so you should speak with a professional to determine whether using this cosmetic solution can improve the general quality of your life in multiple ways.

Dentists use the botulinum toxin to relax the muscles that can cause unconscious teeth grinding  and have done so for many years. Recently, studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of Botox to reduce the instance of snoring as well, with positive results. Furthermore, those who experience excessive sweating can also enjoy the benefits that this nerve relaxant offers, reducing those damp underarms that can be a significant cause for embarrassment otherwise.

With their vast experience with the effects of this product, coupled with the training and experience that they have with facial anatomy and structure, who better to consult than a dentist when looking for a well-versed and considerate professional. Such skilled individuals can guide their patients into understanding and receiving the best possible care and outcome when looking to improve their facial aesthetics and general wellbeing with this treatment.


How does it work?

This isn’t an instantaneous solution, unlike other treatments, because the toxin works on relaxing muscles in the face and not plumping or smoothing. It does this by blocking the nerve impulses to them and the result is a smoother expression and younger looking skin.

The toxin is injected into the skin at certain areas, predetermined during a consultation with a dentist who works on understanding their patient’s goals and then aligning them with certain options that will help them to achieve this.

Some of the more common areas that are treated include frown lines, crow’s feet around the eyes, forehead lines and smoker’s lines around the mouth. As previously mentioned, those people who suffer with migraines or headaches can find that when the toxin is injected in certain locations, these issues will be reduced or dissipate entirely.

After between 4-7 days, the full effect of the procedure can be seen and the results are expected to last up to six months, depending on the usage of the area. When the treatment is used around the lips and mouth, for example, it generally wears off a little quicker that when it is placed on the forehead.

In order to enjoy the most effective results, it is recommended that patients repeat the treatment every 3 months to keep the right amount of the muscle relaxant in the area at any given time. This isn’t set in stone obviously and there is no need to continue use of the treatment, this is entirely at the discretion of the patient.

For further information or to speak with a dentist about their options, patients should get in touch with their nearest dental profession.