Are you missing out on all that orthodontics in Navan could be doing?

Times have changed

Often, when we think about orthodontics in Navan, our minds go towards visible, metallic braces. These were massively common throughout many of our childhoods, and although they are a reliable way of correcting badly shaped or misaligned teeth they do not inspire many fond memories in regards to their effect on how they made people look. Nowadays, with dental science excelling exponentially over the last few decades, there are now a range of ‘cosmetic’ orthodontic options which are available to both young and old people alike.

These new methods of orthodontic alignment allow for far greater amounts of freedom for the patient as they let them carry out orthodontic alignment without impacting on how they look or how others will perceive them. This may be why these treatments are massively popular amongst teenagers and young adults – who may have potentially refrained from seeking traditional braces when younger for cosmetic reasons – although they can be beneficial to patients of any age.

What types of cosmetic orthodontics are available?

As mentioned, there are several options which are now available to patients who are looking to correct badly aligned teeth – without the treatment impacting too severely on how they look. One such treatment which has become largely popular in recent years due to their ability to discreetly align patient’s teeth without affecting how they look, is the Clear Smiles clear aligner. Unlike conventional orthodontic braces, these Clear Smiles clear aligners do not need to be bonded to the patients teeth in any way, and can be removed whenever the patient feels like it.

They align corked or out of place teeth by using built-in pressure points which apply force to individual teeth at a bit-by-bit basis which gradually moves them into the right alignment. Every one of these Clear Smiles clear aligners must be created individually for each patient, using a mould of their own unique dental shape. This means that they will fit perfectly over their teeth and, because they are made from a transparent plastic material, they become almost completely undetectable when worn.

Six Month Smiles


Another option for adults who are looking to realign their teeth on a speedier basis would be to opt for a treatment such as Six Month Smiles. As the name suggests, this treatment can yield a positive, visible result to the shape and structure of a patient’s teeth in as little as six months, depending on how much treatment is needed – which is far shorter than traditional metallic braces.

Another advantage of these braces over conventional ones is that they are made using clear plastic ceramics for the brackets. This means that they are far less visible within the patient mouth as they blend in far better and therefore are more discreet. Anyone who is looking to correct a crooked smile, but wants results in the fastest time possible – whilst still not having as much of an impact on their outward appearance as traditional methods may have – should speak to a local provider of orthodontics about whether or nor Six Month Smiles is an option.