Could veneers in Liverpool give you the shining smile you dream about?

A one-stop solution to your dental woes

A lot of us often feel self-conscious and embarrassed about the way that our smiles look. Whether you have stained teeth, chips, visible marks, gaps or all of the above, smiling in the face of things can often be challenging in today’s image-oriented world. However, rather than simply hiding your smile away behind your favorite facemask, through seeking out veneers in Liverpool it is possible to completely reshape and reform your smile and solve a number of embarrassing, cosmetic issues that you are faced with through one simple procedure.

What actually are veneers?

Veneers have made their rise to fame from the smiles of countless celebrities and film stars alike – largely because of their unique ability to effectively create an entire new smile in a short amount of time. This may explain their popularity with up and coming TV and film personalities, who one day have a miraculously flawless smile simply out of nowhere. This ‘nowhere’ is most likely veneers, however that does not mean that you have to pay Hollywood prices for your veneer treatment as veneers move into the mainstream, the more affordable the treatment has become.

Today it is now possible to solve multiple cosmetic problems that you may have with your teeth, through one simple and swift process. Veneers work by creating thin porcelain shell-like coverings which are made specifically for each patient in order to fit perfectly over their existing teeth. These shells are then bonded to the front and backs of each individual tooth, and effectively create a whole new, cohesive smile which is whiter, more together and all-round healthier looking. If properly maintained, veneers have the potential to last the patient for a number of years, and rarely cause them any discomfort or problems further down the line as other cosmetic treatment can sometimes do.

What is the veneer process like?


The first stage of the veneer process – much like almost every cosmetic dentistry process – begins with the patient undergoing a consultation with their practice, which may be virtual, under the current circumstances of Covid-19. This consultation lets the practitioner assess what type of porcelain veneers the patient requires, and lets the patient have any questions that they might have about the process answered. Following from this, photographs and x-rays are then typically taken of the patient’s teeth, from which their unique set of porcelain veneers will be created. It is possible to get as many veneers crafted as the patient requires – such as a single veneer to cover up a stained or chipped tooth, or a whole set of veneers to give the patient a whole new smile.

After a short period of time in which the veneers take to be crafted, the patient will then visit their practice to have them attached. This involves removing a thin layer of their surface enamel – whilst under local anesthetic – to allow for the veneers to be bonded properly. After this, the patient teeth are etched slightly to make for maximum bonding, and a bonding agent is then used to allow the veneers, which are placed over their teeth individually, to be permanently fixed in place.