Do Posture Corrective Braces Work


Wearing posture corrective back braces some time ago was a terrible thing, especially for kids. But, luckily back braces are now way different than they were before. Many people nowadays struggle with their posture. That is way back braces are used more now than they were used before. When using a posture corrective brace you may find yourself wondering if they work at all.

Back braces are made for people who spend a lot of their time sitting and for those who are not particularly active. These things will cause you to lose the muscle tone in your torso, core and abs. Then, you will most likely start to hunt should your shoulders forward.

By using posture corrective braces you can begin building these muscles again. By doing so, you will stand perfectly straight again.

Good posture is very important. It is not only a cosmetic issue. Okay, good posture helps you look better, but also there are certain health benefits that you get by having a good posture. Did you know that your posture can affect your energy level? Slouching does not allow getting sufficient oxygen into your body. As a result, your energy level will be affected. You may start gaining weight and getting tired more easily.

Realizing that your posture is bad and wanting to fix it is not enough. Slouching is a bad habit, and it is very easy to forget about this bad habit. Knowing how to correct your posture will not help you change your habits. The body follows motor patterns that were being created for years. That is why people have to reach out for help. Posture corrective braces can help you stand straight without even having to think about it.

Posture corrective braces retrain your musculature, helping your back to maintain an upright position without a lot effort. These products do work. Just like slouching became a bad habit, posture corrective braces make a good posture become a habit. Acquiring good posture does not mean only learning new movements. It means changing lifelong habits, too. With the help of posture corrective braces, you will be able to change this habit faster than you thought.

There are many different types of back braces. Before buying one, you should consult your doctor. The doctor will help you pick out the right back brace for you. You should also ask your doctor how long to wear a posture corrective brace. Some back braces should not be worn for a long time.

Back braces will help you improve your posture. By doing so, you can also get rid of back or any other health issues. Wearing posture corrective braces trains your muscle memory. This helps you stand up straight and, of course, sit up straight, without thinking about it. The great thing about back braces is that most of them can be worn underneath your clothes. Your friends and colleagues will not notice anything besides your great posture.

6 Ways to Stay Active Indoors

6 Ways to Stay Active Indoors

Staying active is an essential tool for staying healthy and fit throughout a lifetime. Everyone who wants to keep their body strong and well will try to fit in some activity every day. However, sometimes weather or other restrictions can prevent people from stepping outside to get the activity they need.

Though the options seem limited, there are some ways everyone can stay active without heading outside. The whole family can use these ideas to keep their bodies healthy all year long. Here are six ways to stay active indoors that everyone will love to do.

Use a workout video

Even though workout videos in the past may not have been a lot of fun for a person, everyone should check out the new options for exercise videos today. There are instructional videos for everything from kickboxing to yoga that people can follow along with using their Directv Satellite TV. This is a simple and fast way to get a little extra activity into every day.

Create an indoor sport

If there is no option to play a sport outside, people can try to recreate the sport inside with a few modifications. For example, people can set up nets and play soccer with a softer ball in an enclosed room of the home. Families can even make up a new sport that works perfectly within the space they have.

Head to a local gym

If a person is set on getting out of the house, they can head to a local gym for a quick workout. There are a lot of new options for gyms in most areas that can provide everything from personal training to family group fitness. Everyone can find the option that they are most comfortable with, or even try something new, like a new group fitness class.

Have a dance party

Dancing is still one of the most fun and universal ways to stay active without suffering through a boring workout routine. Anyone can put on their favorite music and move in any way they want for a fun way to relieve stress and get moving. The whole family can enjoy showing off their best moves and laughing together.

Try a rock climbing wall

Indoor rock climbing is a great activity that can test everyone’s physical limits and fears. Most cities have at least one facility that will have different levels and options for everyone. People can learn how to rock climb for the first time or try to set a new time record to challenge themselves.

Utilize a fitness app

Fitness apps are the new fad that everyone cannot stop talking about. There are so many ways for people to use their phone to improve their health in more ways than one. Fitness apps can do everything from track a person’s step per day to help them make more nutritional food choices. People can use these apps to find new exercises to try and create entire workout routines from home.


5 Pool Workout Tips

Pools are a great place to workout, they allow you to do things you couldn’t do on land and the water gives extra resistance for great results. If you have a pool, you have your own personal gym – below are 5 simple exercises you can do to tighten, tone and have fun.


Scissor Tread

1Jump in the deep end of the pool and tread water with your hands while you keep your legs straight. Once you have yourself balanced, bring one leg up while the other remains straight with toes pointing towards the bottom of the pool. Hold for 5 seconds then switch legs and repeat. This will help tone your arms, core and legs.


Ball roll

2Hold your breath, it’s about to get interesting! Grab yourself a medium sized beachball that you can fit your arms around and jump in the pool. Float on your back while hugging the ball to your chest with your legs straight and together. Use your entire body to roll over the top of the ball on the left or right, completing a full revolution. Continue for 30-60 seconds and alternate direction of your roll. This might look funny to anyone standing by the pool, but it’s a great workout for your back, abs, glutes and legs.


Running against the whirl

If you have a small-medium, oval or circular pool this exercise is great for working your entire body. Jump in the pool and run in one direction around the edges. After a few laps the water will start picking up momentum in the direction you are running – if you can grab a couple of friends to do it with you, you can really create a current. After 5 laps, turn and start running in the opposite direction against the momentum of the water.


Noodle Press


Stretching & preparing for the noodle press
Stretching & preparing for the noodle press

It’s time to bring in the pool noodles. Hold your pool noodle out in front of you on the surface of the water. Push it down through the water until it touches your legs and slowly bring it back to the surface and repeat. For more of a challenge, you can also try holding your arms out at your sides with one noodle in each hand. Push your arms down at the same time (like wings) until each noodle touches your legs then slowing bring them back to the surface and repeat.


Noodle for Abs and Core

4Take a pool noodle and wrap it around your back and under your armpits. Float with your legs straight and toes facing the bottom of the pool and steady yourself by holding on to the ends of the noodle. Lift your knees toward your chest as far as you can while contracting your abs, hold for 2 seconds then slowly take your legs back down to the starting position. Repeat 30 times or until you become fatigued.


Are you ready to get fit? Tone your body with these fun exercises and reward yourself with a relaxing swim afterwards. While there are plenty more pool exercises you can do, the 5 mentioned above are a great place to start. Enjoy!


Image credits:

Treading water by Tim Baymen

Pool ball by Home and Outdoor Products

Noodle press by Judy Baxter

Noodle for core and abs by Susan Smith


6 Common Symptoms of Infertility: What Do They Mean?

6 Common Symptoms of Infertility What Do They Mean

Infertility is a more common problem that many couples experience than most people would originally think. It is not uncommon for couples to try for months or even years to conceive before they reach success or give up completely.

Infertility can be an extremely discouraging issue for anyone to deal with, and not having all the facts can make that even worse. It is essential for anyone who is struggling to conceive to get all the information to help their cause. Here are six common symptoms of infertility.

Bacterial infection symptoms

Bacterial infections may seem like just a nuisance to a woman, but they can be a sign of more serious problems. These infections can signify an STD that can cause hydrosalpinx symptoms. These symptoms can be a sign of infertility and should be addressed immediately to protect a woman’s health and help her conceive. Simple treatment can usually clear up the symptoms well enough to help a couple get pregnant naturally.

Abnormal periods

Abnormal periods are another symptom that many women will not think much about. Most women will just pay attention to when they get their period and not think thoroughly about what their period actually signifies for the way their body is working. Any changes should be discussed with a healthcare professional to help them better understand what issues might be happening.

Unusually long or short menstrual cycles

The cycle of a woman’s menstruation is an important item to follow when trying to conceive. Women who want to get pregnant should know not only when they menstruate every month, but how long each of their cycles actually is to tell when ovulation takes place. Changes in cycle length could indicate a problem that needs to be addressed.

Mood swings

Many people will attribute their moodiness to some outside causes, but there are times when a person can be moody because of what is happening on the inside. Chemical imbalances in the body can cause mood swings and also prevent fertilization from happening easily. Work to resolve these issues to create a more welcoming environment for implantation.

Drastic changes in weight

Losing or gaining weight too quickly is never healthy, but people who do this and area also trying to get pregnant will notice a lot more issues. Drastic and fast weight changes can again disrupt the body’s hormone levels, making conception very difficult. Women and men should both find a way to maintain a healthy and stable weight to improve their chances overall.


This is the most common reason why people struggle to conceive. Many women after the age of 35 will notice that conception is a lot more difficult. These women may have to try extensive measures in order to continue in the path towards pregnancy. Looking into other fertility treatments and methods that can help the process may seem extreme, but they are very commonly used among women today to get pregnant with less complications.


Top 10 Crazy Piercings


This article has been provided by, a high-end body jewellery company specialising in unique and beautiful, custom made jewellery for all body parts.

When it comes to piercings, we all have at least one or two, or we know someone who has at least their ears pierced. For girls, having their lobes pierced is pretty common for people from all walks of life and sometimes boys will get just one ear pierced, although it is never clear which one is the best to get pierced!

Whether you made the decision yourself or someone else chose for you when you were very young, piercings eventually become a part of who you are. They help you to arrange outfits, compliment dresses or provide an insight into who you are or who your parents are. However as you get older you either decide you don’t really like them and you take them out or you decide to keep them in, just for the sake of it. Then you get the friends and acquaintances who really like to push the boat out with their weird and whacky piercings.

We’ll have a look at the top ten crazy body piercings (in a completely safe for work article!) in no particular order. Whether they look impractical or painful or just plain crazy, even if you’ve never seen one up close and personal, you can be sure that you’ve certainly encountered at least one person throughout your life that has had at least one of these hidden on their person!

  1. Corset Piercings

You know the beautiful criss-crossed ribbon you see on the backs of traditional boned corsets? That is basically what a corset piercing is…just on your skin. In reality this can’t really count as a single piercing because people who go in for corset piercings can choose as little as six piercings to as many piercings as they want (albeit an even number). More commonly found on the back, you can also find corset piercings on the throat, the arms and the backs of the legs.

  1. Stretchers (Mouth)

You’ll see a lot of punk rock bands with stretched ears, but what about mouth stretchers? Are you familiar with those? They are basically a lip or a cheek piercing that has been stretched in a similar way to an ear stretching. However they have the eerie side effect of looking into the mouth and in some cases if you don’t plug the piercing, they can get a bit drooly!

  1. Achilles Heel

The first question that comes to mind is…why? And how? But somehow an Achilles heel piercing is completely possible, although it looks like a pretty raw wound when the piercing is taken out! It makes for a cool way to add miniature wings to your ankles to look like Hermes though!

  1. Eyelid

Yep, you read that. Although a risky operation, people can get their eyelids pierced. It works very much like a lip piercing and doesn’t tend to hurt much because the skin is so thin. I can’t imagine it would be very comfortable for your eye though, especially in the cold winter!

  1. Wolverine Piercings (Knuckles)

Some boys would love to be like Wolverine from the Marvel comics, so it is no surprise that you can get pierced between the knuckles with long, Wolverine-like metal spears. It might become a little more difficult to scratch your nose with those piercings however.

  1. Facial Piercings to the Max (20 or more implant piercings)

While not in itself an odd piercing, you’d have to have some balls of steel to get over 20 facial piercings. It is seen quite a lot in native tribes and in piercing fanatics, some lords and ladies will choose to have an excess of facial piercings, focusing on the contours of the brow, the lips and even the cheekbones!

  1. Uvula

You know that little dangly thing at the back of your throat? Yep, you can get that pierced. It takes a little bit of effort initially but it is a great way of getting a piercing that you can hide from your conservative parents or strict employer. Be your own rebel!

  1. Smiley (upper lip fraenulum)

Another piercing in a strange place, the smiley piercing is basically piercing that little bit of skin in between your gums and your upper lip. Surprisingly enough this piercing is not permanent, and will work its way down the lip as time passes to eventually fall out.

  1. Fingers

What a way to show your true, eternal love, with a finger pierced ring. Or you can get something a little more subtle with a dermal; making it look like a gem is just rising up and out of your finger.

  1. Nape

Another potentially dangerous piercing; if you’re planning on getting the nape of your neck pierced, it is always good to ask an experienced body piercer as the nape of the neck is very close to the spine and you could damage some fairly crucial nerve endings if it is done incorrectly.

Taking a look back, there are certainly some unique piercings in there amongst the more common ones. Body modifications are getting bigger and better all the time, so we’re probably not too far away from finding a few even crazier body piercings!

How to Easily Avoid Common Allergies in the Spring

How to Easily Avoid Common Allergies in the Spring

The spring season is filled with many exciting new things, like new warm weather and new spring flowers and trees. Even though these may be exciting things to see for many people, for those who suffer from allergies, these things can mean a new season of struggling with allergy symptoms.

Even though allergens can be a big nuisance, there are some ways that anyone can avoid there pesky allergy symptoms. Anyone can use these tricks to finally enjoy the spring season. Here are some ways to easily avoid common allergies in the spring.

Get professional testing done

Many people think they have allergies to certain things based on the common reactions that they get, but they could be wrong about what is really causing those symptoms. It is important for everyone who gets allergy symptoms to visit Las Vegas concierge doctors to get tested and figure out what things are causing their allergy symptoms.

Avoid peak hours outside

There are certain times of day or special circumstances that can make spending time outdoors even more painful for an allergy sufferer. It is a good idea for people to avoid these peak hours if they can to reduce their suffering. Most commonly, allergens are at their peak in the morning hours and can be especially bothersome on windy or hot days.

Improve the daily diet

It may sound completely unrelated, but diet can do a lot of naturally improve allergy symptoms. People can use their diet to fight symptoms and make spring a fun time to enjoy. Some foods that can be beneficial are those high in antioxidants, like many fruits, vegetables and green tea. Incorporating a few of these things into a person’s normal diet is a simple change anyone can make to reduce allergy issues.

Invest in a dehumidifier

The changes in the humidity of the air can greatly affect allergy sufferers. Air that is too humid can trap allergens in a home and make it more difficult for anyone to escape them. By investing in a good dehumidifier, anyone can reduce the allergens in their home and find some relief every day from the triggers outside.

Distinguish allergy symptoms from cold symptoms

In most people, allergy symptoms look and feel a lot like cold symptoms. It is important for everyone to know the difference in themselves so they can appropriately treat it. Treating a cold with allergy medicine will not solve the issue and can be costly to a person. Instead, understand what the differences are in order to find the best treatment.

Don’t wait too long to take some meds

Many allergy medicines today are designed to be taken every day to maintain control over allergies. However, many people will wait until after the symptoms begin to take it. These medicines will not be effective when taken in this fashion. Instead, take the meds regularly to see the best results, or get a fast acting allergy medication.


7 Tips for Working Out at Home

7 Tips for Working Out at Home

Whether it is to save money or just have more privacy and convenience, there are a lot more people today who are choosing to do more of their workouts at home. Home workouts can allow people to follow their same fitness plan without having to pay for expensive gym memberships or feel self-conscious around other people.

Even though there are a lot of perks to working out at home, there are many people who feel that they do not get as effective of a workout when they are at home alone. Here are seven tips for working out at home to keep anyone motivated.

Start with some good equipment

There are a lot of great fitness equipment options that can be available to anyone within their price range. There is no need to spend a lot of money or take up a lot of space to have a complete home gym. Many people will be content with a mat, a set of adjustable dumbbells and an exercise ball.

Follow a video

Without the motivation or guidance of a personal trainer or group fitness instructor, many people can have trouble structuring their workout routines at home. Following along with a video can be a great way to keep anyone motivated. Direct TV internet services will allow people to stream videos to always give themselves something new to do.

Find some great music

Music can be one of the most effective ways to motivate a person to start their workout and help them push further during their workouts. The great thing about working out at home is that a person can choose their own music that fits their personal tastes. Take some time to build a playlist that will last throughout the entire workout.

Use a timer in between sets

One common mistake that people make when working in their home gym is taking too long of breaks in between sets. This not only wastes their time, but it can mean each workout will be less effective. Using a timer in between sets will help anyone stay on task and get more done in the time they spend exercising every day.

Keep water near by

Most gyms have a water fountain in each room. Additionally, many classes will have special breaks when participants are told to get some water. At home, it can be easy for anyone to forget to drink water as they work out. Having water close by all the time can help anyone remember to stay hydrated.

Avoid having distractions in the home gym

A home gym can often fall victim to many distractions that come from the rest of the home. From the other shows on TV to other people living in the home, sometimes it can be difficult to stay focused on the goal of a full workout at home. Creating a space dedicated just for fitness in the home can help anyone eliminate these distractions.

Use social media

Social media can be a great home workout tool for many reasons. Following certain social media accounts can help people find new workout ideas, new motivation and tips for getting the best workout at home.


Getting Inked? Consider the Pros & Cons of Tattooing


They used to be tribal markings that were a sign of a person’s identity, their family or indicated one’s geographic region or religion. They were a way for illiterate people to tell others their name. Now they are a style statement, a sign of rebellion or non-conformity or just a symptom of the need to be cool. Tattoos are all this and more. People sporting tattoos are either revered or reviled; depending upon which side of the tattoo divide you are on. So if you’re contemplating getting tattooed, there are some pros and cons to consider; it’s a good idea to think before you ink:

The pros of tattooing

A tattoo is a method of self expression: your tattoo announces to the world more about who you are and what you believe in. A tattoo can be dedicated to a country or a team you love. A tattoo could symbolize your religious beliefs or it could be a tribute to the love of your life.

Getting yourself inked is also about self beatification; where the body itself is envisioned as a blank canvas that features real art. A tattoo can represent significant events or epochs of one’s life.

Many tattoos are in the form of permanent makeup. The skin of the face, lips, eyebrows and eyelids are actually tattooed to produce a permanently “made up effect”.  This is also known as cosmetic tattooing.

Tattooing can in some cases also be used to disguise scarring, spots or the impact of skin problems such as Vitiligo.

The cons of tattooing

A tattoo can stretch, age, fade or blur with time. You cannot predict exactly how or to what extent a tattoo will alter over time.

A tattoo is a method of body alteration; i.e. it is permanent. This is a major problem if it did not turn out exactly as you want it to. It is also a problem if you no longer like the tattoo, or if the relationship it signified is now at an end. Unless you undergo the cost and the effort of tattoo removal, you are stuck with this piece of ‘art’ for life. Remember something that looks utterly cool right now, may look terribly dated in 10 years.

The process of tattooing itself poses some health risks: there is the risk of infection if improper safety procedures and equipment is used or if the tattooist is not sufficiently trained and experienced. The skin can have an allergic reaction to certain dyes and pigments used for the process of tattooing.

Rightly or wrongly, people make assumptions about tattoos. They assume that a person with tattoos could have gang affiliations or worse that they’ve been to jail! Or they could assume that if one sports a tattoo they must be part of a biker’s gang. It is also true that some employers discriminate against potential employees if they have been inked; that they may prefer to hire someone with a more conventional appearance rather than someone who sports tattoos.

Taking a Holistic Approach to Addiction Recovery

addiction recovery

Addiction is a complex condition that affects the mind, body, and spirit. Alcohol addiction can lead to changes in personality and behavior, poor decision-making, impaired judgment, and a host of health problems. While individual and group counseling are a core component of treatment, holistic approaches can also be an integral part of the recovery process.

Many rehab facilities focus on whole-body wellness and incorporating a vast array of treatment options. This means that clients have their choice of where to go and can select a location that best meet their needs and desires. California offers a wide range of treatment centers that vary from quiet mountain settings to the rolling waves and warm sun of the beach.  Selecting an drug and alcohol rehab program in California can provide clients with a much needed change of scenery as well as a host of holistic treatment options. Some of these options may include:

  • Acupuncture: This ancient Chinese form of medicine is used to alleviate and help treat a wide range of health conditions. The belief is that opening the energy pathways provides greater balance in the body. Short, thin needles are inserted in specific points in the body, as each is connected to a different process. Many people find acupuncture to be very calming and it can help to alleviate pain as well as cravings. It may also promote healing from the damage caused by alcohol misuse.
  • Yoga: Alcohol can be hard on the body. Yoga gently strengthens, stretches, and tones muscles. It can be a great way for clients to ease back into physical activity and connect with their bodies. During yoga, clients learn to focus their minds and the movements of their body. It can support increased circulation, relaxation, stress relief, and physical activity.
  • Meditation: Recovery can be mentally challenging. Meditation allows clients to ease their minds and bring about a feeling of peace. Through deep breathing and positive affirmations, they can boost their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. In today’s busy world, it can be beneficial to take time to find peace and center oneself. Meditation can be a great way to relieve stress and tension and gain a more positive outlook.
  • Nutrition: Consuming excessive alcohol can take a toll on one’s organs, muscles, brain, skin, hair, and more. It can cause the body to stop absorbing nutrients properly and lead to malnutrition. Integrating a well-balanced diet tailored to a client’s specific needs is essential. They must learn to fill their body with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs for strength, energy, immunity, and overall good health. Through nutrition education, clients can create healthier meals that support their recovery.
  • Massage: Gentle manipulation of the muscles can relieve tensions, alleviate pain, and reduce stress. This can help clients to feel better physically and mentally. They are working hard in alcohol addiction recovery and massage therapy can enhance healing and promote overall wellbeing.

There are many other options for holistic healing as well. By integrating these approaches into addiction treatment, clients gain more well-rounded and comprehensive care to support recovery.

When selecting a California rehab, clients should keep in mind whether the center specializes in their specific type of addiction, what approaches to treatment are offered, and the type of setting they prefer. For instance in Southern California, an alcohol rehab center in Orange County could match their needs and give them the option of choosing a mountain, city, or beach locale. In addition, the temperate weather means that clients can take advantage of nature and the outdoors for exercise and mental and spiritual healing year round. A treatment program that combines therapy and holistic approaches can provide clients with the high level of care they need to support positive change and improved health form alcohol addiction.

New Year’s Resolutions to Make for Better Health

New Year’s resolutions are a very common way for people to achieve their goals and create an overall healthier lifestyle. Many people use this time of year to finally make the changes that they always wanted to make and create a healthier start to the New Year. The New Year is also a good starting point to help people set time limits for their goals and see just how far they can go in one year.

However, New Year’s resolutions are commonly thought of as a recipe for success. Many people abandon their New Year’s resolutions before spring even comes around. Making the right New Year’s resolutions and practicing methods to maintain them will ensure success throughout the year. There is no better motivation to stick to a resolution than your health. Here are some New Year’s resolutions to make for better health.

Strengthen bonds with family and friends

Many people have the opportunity to spend some time with family and friends over the holidays. However, many people rely on that time as their only real time to connect with those people in their lives. Everyone can improve their happiness by spending more time with family and friends, even if that is just a short phone call once a week.

Finally quit smoking

Smoking is a bad habit that so many people engage in every day. Many people want to quit smoking, but never quite have the motivation. The New Year is a perfect time to put down the cigarettes and finally kick that addiction. Smokers can try Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes to help wean them off the habit and start off the New Year with a healthy life change.

Drink less alcohol

Most people let loose around the holidays and drink a little more alcohol than they normally would. It is still true, though, that most people drink too much alcohol on any given week in the year. Everyone can try to stay under two drinks a week to maintain their health for longer.

Find a healthy and effective way to relieve stress

Stress is a very common part of everyone’s lives. Stress cannot always be avoided, but everyone should have a healthy and effective way to relieve stress that they can use every day. For example, instead of relieving stress by going shopping, people can look for a healthier stress reliever, like getting in some extra time at the gym.

Practice more positive thinking

Positive thinking is a very powerful force that people can use every day to achieve more and live happier lives. So many people constantly put themselves down, but this will only increase depression and limit them from their true potential. Everyone should make a point to stop negative thoughts once they start and preplace them with positive ones throughout the day.

Start meal planning

Meal planning is a great way to not only eat healthier, but also to save money and lose weight. Those who want to achieve any of these goals should make a weekly meal list and buy the groceries they need at the beginning of the week.