Creating the Perfect Home Office

One in five Americans work from home; needless to say, a home office is becoming the preferred choice of many entrepreneurs. Since much of almost any business can be done online, there seems little point commuting to the city center for work. Instead, you can use Skype for meetings and submit all payments and paperwork electronically. There are tips for finding an office location if you wish to bring a team together, but if you can do much of your work alone, here’s how to create the perfect home office.


The Room

Let’s face it, you can’t get anything done from your bed. While you can theoretically do everything you need to without getting up and getting dressed, in reality your productivity would plummet.

There is a reason we use offices. They create a mindset conducive to work. So find a room in your house to dedicate to business. This room should be as soundproof as possible, to allow your mind to focus on the work at hand.

Also, aim for a room with a large window and a nice view. Taking breaks to look out of the window reduces strain on the eyes, limiting fatigue. A pleasant, natural view will also help you maintain calmness, even during stressful periods.


The Desk

The setup of your desk is vital for productivity. Anything you can do to reduce strain and discomfort will increase the speed and duration of work. Many people choose to have both a standing and a sitting desk, so that you can switch between the two.

Whether you are stood up or sat down, your arms should be parallel to the computer keyboard, with your feet flat on the floor. Ideally, use an adjustable chair so that you can get the perfect height for you and ensure that this chair is comfortable enough and with adequate back support.

Organizations such as Global Resources LLC are trained to come into your workspace, and give you tips to improve your business finances. Using outside experts in this way can help you identify areas in which your workstation is lacking.

If you are lucky enough to have complete control over your work environment, then you can use it to your advantage. By creating a space which aids productivity, you are giving yourself a slight advantage over competitors. So find a room, desk and chair that serves your business and increases productive output.