Curious about lingual braces? Your top 5 questions about this aligner answered!

Appearances are important.

Studies have shown that within the first 3 seconds of meeting you, a person has made a judgement of you based on how you look and so, in the world of business, your appearance has to be top-notch!

But what do you do if you have misaligned teeth? Having a crooked smile is unlikely to leave a good impression during a business meeting, but the arrangement of your teeth is too complex for an invisible brace. What can you do?

While many adults would sneer at the idea of having a metal brace fitted, there is a more subtle option of the traditional brace that can straighten your teeth while also being discreet; braces known as both lingual or Incognito in Weybridge!

Affixed to the back of your teeth, lingual braces have the same strength as traditional aligners, but are able to fly under the radar of almost everyone who looks at your smile! So, you can straighten your teeth without concerns about how this brace will impact on your professional appearance- it won’t!

Have some questions about the Incognito brace from Weybridge? Of course, you do! Read on to learn the answers to the most common questions about this orthodontic option.

Do lingual braces impact on speech?

In a word, no.

While there is always an adjustment period when you have anything attached to your teeth, long-term, there should be no impact on your speech while you wear an Incognito brace from Weybridge.

Are they uncomfortable?


This is a tough question to answer, as discomfort is subjective.

When you have the lingual braces fitted, over the course of the treatment, it is likely that there will be pressure on your teeth and indeed, a minimal amount of discomfort. This is all part of the treatment with this kind of brace.

However, if you find the discomfort is unbearable, contact your dentist for an urgent assessment and adjustment.

How long will I wear them for?

Any orthodontic treatment is targeted to correcting an individual problem and so, the length of time you wear lingual braces for will depend on the complexity of the orthodontic issue.

Typically, most cases that are treated with a lingual brace are reversed on average in about 6 to 24 months. A very wide window of treatment time, but this brace is perfect for correcting the majority of misalignment issues which can only be positive.

Will they need tightening?

They will.

As lingual braces work on the same system as typical metal aligners, they will require adjustments and tightening about every 2 months to straighten your teeth.

Who is suited to wearing them?

As stated earlier, lingual braces can treat a myriad of dental issues, so almost anyone can undertake treatment with them.

In fact, Prince William has worn lingual braces, so you will be in royal company during your treatment!

It is up to the discretion of your dentist if you are suited to this brace so book a consultation with them today to find out!