Are missing teeth causing embarrassment or difficulty?

When a patient has missing teeth or poor fitting dentures, eating and chewing can become a real pain.  As people begin to eat the foods they can easily eat rather than the food they should, they begin to suffer in many more ways due to a lack of nutrition in their body.

Interestingly enough, a poor diet can lead indirectly to poor oral health, so a vicious cycle is perpetuated unless proactive steps are taken to reduce this risk.

Many people know and understand that the body is a holistic mechanism whereby everything is intimately linked in one way or another.  Having missing teeth has been proven to have several negative impacts on the body and the brain.  Thankfully, this can be avoided with dental implants in Navan.

By discussing with a dental professional the options that are available in an individual’s unique case, they are able to establish a bespoke treatment plan that allows the patient some freedom in their choices.  This brilliant concept allows people to regain freedom in their lives to eat, chew and speak, with confidence.

This procedure is an innovative way to allow the body to physically react as if the damage had never occurred.  Nutrition no longer needs to be impacted in a negative way as a patient can comfortably eat and chew with these implants in place.  Bone loss in the jaw does not occur as this replacement procedure stimulates the jawbone and sends the right signals for it to continue growth and repair.


What is the difference between this procedure and a crown?

When talking about a tooth implant, people should imagine it as a replacement tooth root. It consists of a titanium rod that is surgically inserted into the jawbone in a very precise manner. Precision is key to ensuring that a patient can experience maximum comfort and minimal healing time. By using innovative technology dentists are able to digitally pinpoint the ideal exact location of the titanium rod.

The entire procedure should take a few months to heal as the jawbone naturally fuses with the titanium rod to create a strong and secure bond on which the crown can be placed.

A crown is the visible part of the tooth and sits on top of the metal implant.  Replacement crowns are made to match a patient’s original tooth in shape, colour and size.  This is why it is difficult for an individual to tell the difference between a replacement crown and one’s natural teeth.

This procedure is permanent and the crowns are fixed into position.  For people who would rather forget that they lost a tooth and wish to carry on with their lives without fear or concern about their appearance when they smile, or their ability to eat certain foods, then this is a great option for them.

It is important to know that medical card holders are accepted in this dental practice so there is no reason for delay in obtaining a healthier and fully functional smile today.