Do I need dental implants?

Dental implants Herefordshire are something that patients could consider if they wish to make their smile complete again. Patients may find that they require a tooth replacement treatment if they have a gap in their smile. A gap in the smile can cause health issues if not treated, as the surrounding teeth can begin to move into the space that is left behind by the missing teeth. This can cause alignment issues with the smile. Gaps left behind from missing teeth can also cause facial structure integrity to become compromised, therefore, it becomes increasingly important for a patient to seek treatment to make their smile whole again. A patient may need these implants to treat the loss of one tooth, a few teeth or indeed a whole set. If a patient requires this treatment, then they should read the rest of this article which will outline the process of having the implants fitted, as well as indicating what steps they should take next.


What is the process?

The process of this treatment follows a series of steps to ensure that patients get the best results. Patients first must see if they are an ideal candidate for this treatment, this can be done through a consultation with the dentist. Patients may need to undergo preparation work to ensure that the implants can be put in efficiently. This may be treating gum disease or bone graft surgery. Patients also may be asked to make lifestyle changes, they may be asked to cut down on smoking and control diabetes, should they have it. This is because the treatment may be more successful with these two things taken care of. Once the preparation work has been completed, then patients can have the implants fitted. The implants are fitted at the site of the jawbone where the teeth once stood and then given sufficient time to have the site heal. A crown, bridge or denture can then be fixed directly on top of the implant. Patients will then be provided with the aftercare information that they need to ensure that they can properly care for their new smile.


What should I do next?

If a patient thinks that dental implants could be the correct treatment for them and their incomplete smile, then they should consider browsing the website to read more about the treatment that is offered. Potential patients could also call a dental practice directly to ask any questions that they may have, they could also set up a consultation so they can begin their journey to a full and healthy smile. If a patient finds that they are unsuitable to have implants fitted, then they should work with their dentist to find a treatment that is more suitable for their individual smile. Patients should be aware that they will be in the best hands for the job when they choose this treatment. The dentist on hand will ensure to work with each patient to give them the smile that they have always wanted and will endeavour to make certain that the patient will always be aware of what their treatment entails so they can make full use of their treatment plan.